Curly Crafty Mom: July 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

Bee Tree Park

Today Kelly and I (well... and Nathan, Autumn and Chloe, too!) explored our second park together which was Bee Tree park. This is a beautiful park that sits on the bluffs above the Meramec river. There are several trails inside the park that you can walk on that give you breathtaking views of the Meramec. We did not walk the trails but enjoyed the playground instead. It was a beautiful day at only 82 degrees. Seriously, what is up with the weather? It should be hot and humid!!!

Bee Tree Park

You will see the Nims mansion once you drive into the park and the gardens that surround it. I read that this is a popular photo site for brides and grooms.

Bee Tree has two playgrounds that are next to each other. The first playground is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers because it is lower to the ground with shorter slides and a padded floor. Then, the second playground was higher up with taller slides and gravel. Nathan and Chloe had fun seeing what the playground had to offer them.

Here is Nathan and his sissy

Nathan loved climbing up these 'upside down' monkey bars. heheh

Nathan went down the big curvy slide (a trillion times)

And, Autumn enjoyed sitting on the baby slide while she tried to eat the rocks before mom could snatch her picture!! Trust me, Autumn, they are not as tasty as puffs!

Then, of course, all the kids in the park had to go down the slide with us. I trusted a kid to take a picture with my camera. Then, of course, all the kids wanted to take a picture... Yep, Carrie, that was not a smart idea. But, it is a cute picture... well, the kids are cute, minus that sleep deprived adult in the photo with them. ;o)-

My classic swing picture with both kids

Autumn LOVES to swing!

Nathan loveeesss orange kitties. He loves them because Grandma told him that Mommy had an orange kitty at one time. So, how cool was it that they had an orange cat at the park? Of course, one of the kids wanted me to take her picture with Nathan.

Nathan and Chloe on the steps... seriously, it was next to impossible to get a picture of the two together. That is kids for ya!

Chloe loves ants, she kept 'catching' ants on a little stick that she had... it was so adorable! She sat there for a long time- she has such a good attention span and just loves little critters!

Oh what do you see in this photo? Is that... someones... head?!

Don't even ask me why I did this... Nathan was a dirty boy after I dug him out. Of course, when we got home he told me he wanted to take his shoes off. WHY didn't I realize that a million tiny itty bitty pebbles would fall out all over the floor? Guess I am cleaning the hardwood floors tomorrow! Daddy gave Nathan a nice bath.

Then, after the park, Kelly was going to go with me to the library but when we got there it was closed :( So, I will have to go tomorrow to get Nathan's reading program prizes. Drats!

We plan to visit another park soon... can't wait!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Might need to move the train table...

Autumn is just as excited about Nathan's train table as she loves to pull herself up on it so that she can see what is up on it. And, you know what her second favorite item is? Sigh... Nathan's potty chair. If she isn't crawling to pull herself up on his train table, she is crawling to pull herself onto his potty chair. Then, if I am not in the same room as her (still has her separation anxiety) she crys and crys and crawls down the hall looking for me. This is just really something... two kids mobile...

Miss Auttie enjoying her brother's train table

She can also open the drawer. She likes to open it because her favorite pass time right now is throwing things on the floor. She could do this alllll dayyyy lonnng.

See that Hot Wheel that is in mid-air in this picture? Yeah, that among other cars, trains, etc. are scattered all over my floor.

Messy, messy girl...

She also started to patty cake this week, it is sooo cute to see her clap. She keeps one hand still and then moves her other hand to clap it against her hand that is still, but she misses 90% of the time. Just so cute! I love her so much!

Nathan is such a big boy, he is now peeing and pooping on the potty every day. I am off a week from work in August and I think we will do the last step in that we are going to start having him wear underwear to bed. I am just SO ready to finish up the potty training! He has done so well for a boy!! I hope Autumn is this good when her time comes... especially since she is already loves sitting on the potty! heheh!!!

Tomorrow I am exploring another park with my friend Kelly. Can't wait! And, it is still in the 80's here... Just unbelievable!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Nathan's 2nd Swim Class at the Y

Nathan is sooo silly. I did the little YMCA song and dance for him today and it is so funny to see him recite it back. At the end of the song he says, "Y-M-C-A-A-A-A!"

Today's swim class went really well and Nathan is just a little fish in the water, he is smiling from ear to ear the entire class. He saw a bigger kid jump into the water like a cannon ball and his eyes got so big and he pointed and started telling the teacher he wanted to do that. Of course, when she gave each kid a chance to jump in, he was too excited he could hardly do it! heheh!!

In the locker room before class. I swear, Nathan's feet must be growing because his swim shoes and crocs are starting to get a little tight. Its about time, because he wore them last summer! Saved me money, but I guess next year I'll be buying new! Don't you just love how he's posing with his towel?

Nathan with Daddy before hitting the water.

Me and Miss Aut

Nathan in the water- see that big goofy smile he has?

Nathan's class - Miss Sarah (the teacher) is wonderful with the kids

Another picture of the class

Nathan swimming with a noodle

Nathan jumped into the water without Miss Sarah's consent just one time this class, and he got a little lecture. Heheh!!

All the kids got to go down the slide at the end of the class.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Finished up the Library Reading Program today

This summer, I read 36 books to Nathan and 20 board books to Autumn for the Library Reading Program. Whew! Tonight we took the kids to the library to return some books and to turn in their sheets so that they could redeem their prizes.

Nathan got a coupon for a corndog to Sonic (ha! He demanded we go to Sonic right after we walked out of the library.), playdough and a book. They ran out of the playdough and book so they are going to call me when they come in. I was a little bummed about that, because I promised Nathan his prizes, but what can you do? He also got to enter a drawing for free Cardinals tickets and tickets to a Stages show.

Then, Autumn got a free board book about Dinosauers with different textures. Of course, it is Nathan's book for now... heheh...

I can't wait to do the reading program again next year! I was surprised it ends on August 1st! But, we did it!! (Ok, I cheated and had Grandma read some books to them, so she got to enjoy the program, too!)

Here are some pictures...

Nathan's certificate... Autumn didn't get one? I may ask for one when I pick up the play dough and book when they come in.

Auttie's prize- a board book

Monday, July 27, 2009

Kansas City Plaza

After we visited the T-Rex restaurant, we decided it was time to check in at our hotel on the plaza in Kansas City. We usually stay with Jeremi's mom when we visit, but Jeremi decided to treat me like a Queen this time with a nice suite at the Marriott Residence Inn. Yay!

Here is the Kansas City skyline

Our hotel on the plaza

The hotel was SO nice with a kitchen (full size fridge, dish washer, sink and stove top!!), bed, sofa fold out bed (for Nathan), crib (turned out to be a pack and play) and huge bathroom. I was really pleased!! They also gave us a $50 voucher off our next visit, so we may come back in the fall so that we can go to the Renaissance Festival as I have always wanted to see it and we just haven't made it down for it. We'll see...

Here is the bed... sorry the room is messy, but I took these photos before we checked out... I didn't take a picture of the bathroom, but it was nice!

We took a walk on the plaza after we checked in and after visiting with my mother-in-law. It was so nice and cool, what is with this 80 degree weather? Here is a picture of a restaurant I want to eat at when we do use our voucher for the hotel. It is a Brazilian bbq place, I have never tried a Brazilian restaurant but from what I hear they fill you up with lots of meat that they bring out on sticks from the kitchen. YUM!

Little Auttie slept peacefully on our walk, it was past her bedtime!

We stopped and got drinks at the Starbucks on the plaza. What... was... I... thinking! I was wired till 11pm! I could NOT sleep! It wouldn't have been so bad but we had to be in Osawatomie, Kansas for a breakfast at Jeremi's Grandma's the next morning!

Oh but that caramel frap was divine.

Nathan in the sofa bed with his dino's... yes, he thinks Sissy's pink dino is his... Auttie didn't seem to notice...

This was a cute picture I took the next morning before we left. Both the kids with their Build a Dino's on the couch at the hotel. So stinkin' cute!

Jeremi showed me this old drive through theatre that is in Osawatomie, Kansas that he used to go to as a kid. It is still open! We may see a movie there when we come back to redeem our voucher if we have time, as I have never been to a drive through movie.

Oh, and I don't have a picture of it, but Jeremi's mom got me a Bissel carpet shampooer for my birthday gift! It was a HUGE box but Jeremi and my MIL managed to find a way to stuff it in my cargo area of my CRV! heheh!! I can't wait to try it out on my living room carpet... our carpet is new and I want to keep it new! Darn kids! heheh.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend in Kansas City-- The Legends and T-Rex restaurant

Jeremi has family that lives in Kansas City, and we went down there this weekend to celebrate birthdays. One of my coworkers told me about a new restaurant in Kansas City called T-Rex which has animated dinosauers inside and we thought we would check it out upon our arrival.

While driving to the T-Rex restaurant, we passed by the Great Wolf Lodge, which is the MASSIVE water park that I have heard about from friends. When the kids get a little older (well, especially Autumn), I would love to get a room there for a weekend as I heard it is just fantastic! It was so neat to drive by it, the place is HUGE!

We also drove by this furniture store which is as large as a shopping mall! I can't remember the name of it but it was gigantic. I cannot imagine shopping for furniture at this place, I would never be able to decide! I want to go inside to see it the next time we visit KC.

Finally we arrived at The Legends where the T-Rex restaurant is located. The Legends is HUGE and majorly crowded, we were so lucky to find a close parking spot in the garage. It was so neat, they had the parking numbered with Dorothy's, and it took me a second to remember that 'There is no place like home'-- in other words, Kansas.

While trying to find a place to park inside The Legends, this mini train went past our car and Nathan's eyes almost popped out! He loves trains and I was so glad I got a picture of it, even if it is from the back window of my car.

Did I say how huge The Legends is? There were all kinds of restaurants there, most of them I had never heard of... I took a picture of this restaurant, it had a western theme...

This is the outside of the restaurant, SO cool!!!

Ceiling above the gift shop

Nathan measuring different sizes of rocks

For an extra $2.50 pp you can go inside and use paintbrushes and sweep the sand around to look for artifacts. I just snapped a picture.. so much to do in this place!

We had so much fun in the gift shop. Here is a cute pink dino hat that I put on Auttie.

Jeremi and Nathan had fun with the dino puppets

Pink dino...

The kitchen

Baby dinos

Here we are at our table

They had rooms with different themes all throughout the restaurant. We got the ice room and the walls were all ice but every 30 minutes it got really loud and the walls turned red. The room next to us was a jungle theme and there were huge insects on tree trunks on the walls and they moved and flapped their wings. So neat!

We got Nathan the kids hotdog meal and he had little tiny hotdogs, so cute!

I got pizza with romaine tomatoes

Jeremi got ribs with mashed potatoes and beans. He shared some of the ribs with me and they were sooo good! Autumn ate half of his mashed potatoes, she is a potato girl!

Autumn got her first taste of a lemon. What a face!

After we ate we decided to 'Build a Dino'... well, two dinos. Nathan wanted a dino that looked real. He even said, my dino has teeth and Sissy's doesn't.

Auttie's pink dino

Nathan selecting a heart

Dino's ready to go home

Tomorrow I will write about our stay on the Plaza, we had so much fun!! But, for now... I need to catch some Zzzzz's. I am SO tired!!!!

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