Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 1st Valentine Cards

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Autumn's 1st Valentine Cards

I decided that Autumn is old enough this year to autograph her own valentine cards in her own little way. I decided to let her color them the same way that I let Nathan color his valentine cards the first year I did them with him...

My mom is collecting all kinds of Tinkerbell items for Autumn, so I thought it would be appropriate to purchase Tinkerbell valentine cards for her.

Inside a baby wipe container I have stored all of Nathan's old Crayola TaDoodles which are easy to hold for a baby. These TaDoodles are so neat because they are markers, crayons and some even have a paint brush tip. Better yet, they are WASHABLE, and, really, they are, all of the stains washed right off of Autumn's jacket.

Autumn just LOVED the TaDoodles, especially the ones with the paint brush tip.

Here she is holding the blue paint brush TaDoodle

Ooooh, messy, messy!

Look at all of those paint streaks

Autumn had fun swapping out the TaDoodles that she wanted on her tray

She kept eyeballing her hand

Of course, big brother had to join in on the fun, too! I got out his jumbo coloring book. However...

These TaDoodles were just TOO messy for Mr. Squeaky Clean... So, of course, Nathan had to wash his hands for 30 minutes to get the markers off. Uhh, yeah, doesn't that sound like a typical 3 year old excuse? I know, I know, he just wanted to play in the sink.

What was next? Pink heart stickers!!

Autumn had fun sticking them onto her valentine cards

And, here is the final result... her valentine card!

Next week we'll be working on Nathan's valentine cards... they will be extra special this year because we'll be actually giving them out to his preschool class instead of just family and friends... PLUS, I hope, if Nathan will cooperate, he will put 'N' on each card (as there is no way I'll get him to write his entire name on 10+ cards). Wish me luck.

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