Curly Crafty Mom: Children's Place Outlet... ohhhh, yeah!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Children's Place Outlet... ohhhh, yeah!

Yesterday I had one of the BEST shopping trips of all times at the Mills, which is our outlet mall here in St. Louis. My friend Katie that I used to work with 7 years ago, and that I have known for 10 years (where does time go?) lives close to the Mills and she told me about all of the good deals they were having at Children's Place Outlet. I wish I saw more of Katie but we live on opposite ends of the earth from each other (ok, so she is in North County and I am in South County, but still...). So, we are going to try to get together a little more often.

Are you ready to see what I scored? You are going to be sooo... jealous!!!

So, are you ready for the total? $17.71!! I did not pay more then $2.99 an item (ok, the Dorothy shoes were $3.99). I had a 15% off coupon and a $10 rewards certificate, so that did help, too. You'll also see some socks, I had a $10 rewards card to Old Navy as well so I scored 6 pairs of socks.

Ok, so I must brag more... See these CUTE sweater dresses? Yep, $2.99 each. And, yes, people are already selling them on EBay. It was funny, because I was so bummed that they did not have any 24 mo. sweater dresses, but, while I was waiting to check out, sure enough... a lady came out from the back with a RACK of SWEATER DRESSES! Needless to say, people came rushing over to grab them off the rack while she was trying to wheel on by... yes, I was one of those crazy shoppers!!! These dresses are adorable!!

Removable hood puffer jacket- $2.99!!! I was so bummed that they did not have pink, so I was settling for white... when, from the back ANOTHER cart wheeled out and so I found it in 24 mo.!!!! YES!!! Did I tell you that Katie and I waited in line for 30 minutes? And our kids were angels? Did I tell you I had mini oreos? ha!

And, I have been wanting a pair of red Dorothy shoes for little Miss Auttie and sure enough, size 5 (next year) for $3.99! Actually, ALL their shoes even the summer shoes were marked $3.99!!! Now, you want to hear something funny? Katie bought Lainie THREE pairs of glitter shoes- black, gold and red! Ha!

Now you may wonder, where are the boy clothes? The boy section was just not as exciting, and since Nathan is not growing as fast as Autumn, I still have a ton of clothes for him in size 3T, which is what he is wearing right now. Also, I need to keep in mind that I will need to stick to his school's uniform policy once he is in kindergarten (I know, its a year and a half away, but I like to buy ahead!), so I may need to switch to a different brand of clothing that will fit those needs better.

Then I met Katie in the parking lot by Babies R US so we could exchange our House Party freebies. She had a Velvetta party, so she gave me a ton of Velvetta storage containers, recipe cards and a clip! I can't wait to make the velvetta rotel dip for the next date night with my husband. I gave her a Kristin Hannah book, Carnival cruise lines bag, Gold Fish (they mysteriously sent me a box of 60 small bags of these things!), and this free sinus stuff I will never use...

Katie is so sweet, she even got Autumn a little belated birthday gift since I only had family at her party. Won't this outfit be super cute on her next summer?

P.S. Thanks for all of the blog template suggestions... now I just need to find time to do it.

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