Curly Crafty Mom: Finally... playmates

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Finally... playmates

Nathan and Autumn are actually starting to become playmates... well, sort of.

Normally we do the kids baths separate, it has just been easier... Jeremi has given Nathan a bath since Autumn has been born, which Nathan calls the 'shower bath' and I give Autumn her bath. Jeremi has been working late the last few weeks because they are training a new guy at his work, so I have taken over the baths for both the kids. Well, lets just say, Mommy does not do the shower bath which consists of a regular bath, but with the shower running the entire time. Yeah, I don't think so. hee, hee! Lately I have been putting the kids in the tub together and it is working out GREAT! We tried this a couple of months ago and Nathan would throw a fit over her grabbing his toys, her getting on his side of the tub and he would roll around and splash water in her face, etc. It was awful. But, now... it seems they sort of play together and giggle together. Its much better.

Maybe they actually like each other afterall. Maybe.

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