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Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Randoms

I am so excited and proud to say that I have joined Laura's 500K in 2010! She has started a Twitter fan page where we are all routing each other on to run 500 miles in 2010. I have completed 5.5 miles so far, and I would have ran more but I had a sick little girl this week. I must say, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the challenge and its fun to see what everyone else is running each week. You don't have to run, you can walk, or what have you, but it must be 500 miles by the end of the year. I am actually only able to run 2 miles and then I walk either a half or a full mile, but I am sure my endurance will toughen up in time. So, thank you, Laura for getting me started on this... who would have thought that running could be so much fun if you put a goal behind it. :)

Something else I am excited about is I have started to count calories. I didn't put this as a resolution, because I plan to make this part of my daily life. I found a really neat website called and you enter the foods you eat (breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack) and it totals up the calories. It also gives you a daily report on how you are doing and you can also keep track of your daily fitness. Once upon a time, before kids and before my thirties, I did not need to worry about gaining weight, but not so much anymore. I never even counted calories, but, WOW, according to I need to consume between 1,430 - 1,780 calories a day, ummm, before I started (which was before the New Year) I probably consumed double that in calories each day. I am not afraid to admit to it, I was bad... but, I am trying to eat not only less calories but healthier calories each day. And, I am doing quite well so far!

Remember how I said I am interested in getting veneers this year? A friend of mine read my blog post, and I never knew she had veneers, but she has great teeth and she suggested her cosmetic dentist to me! She told me that veneers are expensive but she priced around and this dentist does not have bad prices. I do believe I will be saving a bit before I make the call, but plan to hopefully have it does around my birthday in August. They also do laser whitening, which I need... I need to see what they suggest, but I am so excited she suggested the place to me because I really had no idea of where to start to find a good cosmetic dentist. Here is the link if anyone is interested Wolken Dental. Also, she is going to be joining the blog world fairly soon, yay to that!

Jeremi gave me the Pioneer Woman cookbook for Christmas as it was SUPER cheap on Amazon. Everyone is raving about her, and I have yet to try one of her recipes... I must say I am hooked on her website, though, and no, it isn't all the photos of the chaps. Ha! I am planning on trying one of her recipes for the first time next week, but it isn't a recipe in her cookbook (although, I plan to try some of those, too!). Stay tuned!

My mom is SO SWEET and is going to watch the kids so Jeremi and I can go see Avatar in 3D! I cannot wait!

Speaking of movies... Jeremi and I enjoyed our movie night so much on New Year's Eve, that we may have a movie night on Friday's every so often. I think we have one planned next Friday and we are going to watch Gran Torino. We hardly ever sit down and watch movies together, so this will be fun... we might even have some food to go with the movie. Fun, fun!

I have found a new survey site that I LOVE because I have earned $32.70 in Amazon giftcards by just filling out surveys on their site in the last 2 months. What do I plan to do with it? Buy Nathan a new pair of Nike shoes on Amazon. What is neat is that after you earn $5, you can cash out for an Amazon giftcard and they give you the code right away so there is no waiting. If you sign up, please do so under my referral link so I can earn points Carrie's Opinion Outpost Survey Referral Link

I am working on converting my 2009 blog into a hardback book, and I am using Laura's (wow, she is getting a lot of credit in this blog post) directions that she posted on her blog awhile back. At first I tried BookSmart because it will download your entire blog for you and there is no copying and pasting required, however, BookSmart is not so Smart (sorry!) and I decided to use LuLu. Here is Laura's blog book directions if you are intersted - thanks again, Laura! Its really not all that complicated and if you add it to your things to do each month, its really not all that much work.

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