Curly Crafty Mom: Gardenland Express at Missouri Botanical Garden

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Gardenland Express at Missouri Botanical Garden

MO-Bot has the Gardenland Express at the gardens every year, where they have model railroads, set around a miniature version of the garden with flowers as a backdrop. Since Nathan is such a TRAIN-lover, I decided I had to take him there since it is the last weekend they have it at the gardens.

Nathan could not get enough of all of the model trains, he was SO excited to be there!

Autumn enjoyed it, too! (Although, she came down with a fever later this afternoon after her nap.)

There was so much to see there, and Nathan took it all in...

Group photo - look at Nathan's face! Haha!

Climatron conservatory

Can you find Santa in the maze?

They were all about the fine details

Nathan's favorite train

My favorite train (according to Nathan)

Nathan watching a train from the bench

Little Auttie sitting on a bench, too!

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