Curly Crafty Mom: Happy 14 months, Autumn!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy 14 months, Autumn!

Autumn is 14 months as of today, and boy is her little (or should I say big?) personality is really starting to bubble out of her. Here is a list of what she is up to these days...

Loves caps, this morning I gave her my chapstick while I was getting ready and she can pull the lid off and on. Yesterday she had my perfume bottle.

This girl loves chairs, climbing up on them, standing up on them... and Nathan's cushie chair in his room is next to a small bookshelf hanger and she loves to pull all the books out of it onto the floor.

Did I mention she is a tornado?

This is Autumn's favorite toy... we got it for her at Christmas time, and I was worried it may be too babyish for her. Oh, heck no. This toy is so popular that she has mastered climbing on it and getting off. She bounces on it, laughs, turns it side to side... and, Nathan loves it too!

Autumn's hair is getting thicker and curlier... and, she is really still a little string bean! Tall and slender and Nathan used to be such a short chunky guy at her age!

Autumn goes to bed around 7:30 or 8pm and wakes around 4:30-5:30am right now. She sleeps straight through the night. She also takes one nap during the day for about 2-3 hours... although, she naps better for me then my mom! heheh!!

Autumn loves to eat and it is so nice that I can make one meal for both kids now as sometimes the kids will not eat what I may for Jeremi and I. Also, I am proud to say she LOVES to drink just plain water and I haven't spoiled her on juice like I did with Nathan. However she is still taking 2 bottles of whole milk as I haven't taken away the bottle yet. I also am still nursing her in the morning and before bed, and plan to until she is 2.

Autumn LOVES water and baths. She does this funny thing in the tub right now where she lays flat like a pancake on her belly and her little buns are sticking out of the water. Its so funny. I cannot wait to put her in her first swim class in the Spring. Actually, I can't wait to get her in a class at the Little Gym this summer as she LOVES music and dancing. So many good times ahead!

Autumn is still a big time Momma's girl!! If Mom is in the room, watch out, she does not want ANYONE else, and she will push or cry if you get inbetween her and Momma! Which... sort of makes it hard on Mommy but oh well!

Auttie gives BIG kissies!

Autumn is still not talking much but does say Mama, Dada, Yummm yumm, and babah.

Happy 14 month birthday, Auttie!

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