Curly Crafty Mom: Happy New Year!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Where did 2009 go and how can it be 2010 already? Jeremi and I brought in the New Year last night by ordering food to-go and then we watched a movie together and snuggled on the couch. Jeremi asked me earlier in the week what movie I wanted him to order on Netflix. Of course, we had talked about watching a movie on New Year's Eve together, but it didn't register in my mind that the movie he ordered was the movie we would be watching together!


I told him to order the movie Lars and the Real Girl. For those of you that haven't seen this movie, Google it and read the description. I love independent films, and a lady at my work told me about this movie awhile ago and I have been wanting to check it out. Well, of course, my husband asks me what the movie is about, and I said, ummm, honey, just read the back of it. Well, his eyes almost popped out of his head and he started just cracking up once he read the description.

Well, it turned out to be a GREAT movie, and my husband actually found it really amusing and we were both laughing so hard at some of the parts in the movie. And, truthfully, the movie has a great moral to it (besides all the funnies).

We were in bed at 10:30am and I awoke at midnight to the sounds of fireworks being set off on the river close to us. Luckily, they didn't wake the kids, because I went right back to bed! And, Miss Auttie decided to wake us with her beautiful prescense at 4:45am this morning. Good thing I didn't stay up till midnight!
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