Curly Crafty Mom: Invasion of the Fridge

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Invasion of the Fridge

This is our new Kenmore fridge that we purchased at Sears, which replaced our Maytag refrigerator that died after only 6-7 years of life. Of course, Nathan loves to open it to get food out, and Autumn has radar for when the fridge is open, because she is there in a split second and pulling everything out of the shelves onto the floor. The fridge is smart and has an alarm that goes off after the door if open for 60 seconds, but maybe a door lock would be better. ha, ha!

Eek, this reminds me of Cribs on MTV where they show you where famous people show you what is in their fridge... Do I need to explain what items are Jeremi's and not mine? haha! Like, the Orange Diet Soda- yuck! I am actually pretty much anti-soda. Sorry to all you soda drinkers out there. ;o)- I do enjoy a Coke every once in awhile, though. Now you all know what's in my fridge... I should have stocked it full of items that I love for the photo. ;o)- Sorry, especially since we were due for a grocery store visit. ;o)-

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