Curly Crafty Mom: My new glasses - yay!

Friday, January 15, 2010

My new glasses - yay!

Remember how I said I rarely spend money on myself? I have had the same pair of glasses that I purchased my senior year of high school. I wear contacts, but still, these glasses were seriously out of date... To make things worse, I had them laying in bed next to me the week Autumn was sick and somehow they landed up on the floor during the night. Well, Jeremi stepped on them, and yes they got a little bent up... but, I still wore them! Thankfully, Jeremi had some extra money in his flexible spending account from 2009 and he took me out during my lunch break and helped me select a pair of new glasses at the Erkers store that is downtown.

Oh boy!! I had so much fun picking out glasses... I finally had it down to two pairs, a fun trendy pair with the black frame that everyone is sporting these days, or a frameless pair that would blend in really well with my face. Since I wear contacts most days, I decided to go with the fun and trendy black frame...

Well, my glasses came in and we got a chance to go pick them up during lunch today... Jeremi and I were both really busy at work and I emailed him and asked if we should get them on Monday. Of course, he wrote me back and said, no, we must get them today because he can't handle another night of seeing me wearing my old pair that was all bent up! That made me laugh so hard... so off we went to get my glasses.

And, here they are... usually I don't take photos of just myself, but when I got home from work, Autumn was fast asleep in her pumpkin seat, so I brought her in and took some timed photos of myself. The Canon will take 10 photos at once, whereas my old point and shoot camera only took 1. What a nice feature that is! Anyway, here I am with my new spectacles... and, yes, I just had a red tint added to my hair last weekend. I love red!

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