Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 1st Day of Preschool

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nathan's 1st Day of Preschool

Well, the day that I have been having a mixture of anxiety and excitement over has come and gone... A big milestone in Nathan's life. His first day at preschool in the 3's class. This day brought all kind of challenges that, well, I hadn't expected to happen on Nathan's first day of school. Little Miss Autumn woke up from her nap on Saturday with a low fever and by Sunday it was gone and she was feeling better. Jump to Monday and the fever was back and to sum it up, she was just not feeling well. Monday night was not fun, AT ALL. She did not want to sleep, she wasn't feeling good and ran a fever all night even thought I kept giving her Tylenol every 4 hours. I held her most of the night, while she wiggled around this way or that, Jeremi had her for a few hours (and might I add, he is sick)... oh, it was just a LONG night... not the night I wanted to experience before Nathan's first day of school. And, it was also the night that I wanted to start my exercise regime for the New Year. Boo!!! Poor Autumn, I really can't complain as she has been sleeping so well at night (except for the 4-5am awakenings), so she is allowed to have a bad night (or however many) if she is not feeling well. Poor girl!

Soooo. Jump to the morning of Nathan's first day of school. She just would not nap or let us put her down so we could get ourselves and Nathan ready. Just, not a fun morning. But, we got out of the house and still made it to the school 15 minutes early so that we could give Nathan time to get used to the classroom before we left. Here is a photo of Nathan before we left the house- it is FREEZING outside, and poor Autumn had to be taken out in it since we had her doctor's appointment after dropping Nathan off at school. Luckily, my Dad was able to stay in the heated car while she napped while we went into the school with Nathan.

Nathan's school (also where my brother and I went to school)

Here is Daddy and Nathan going up the steps to school.

All of us

The hallway

Nathan's coat and backpack hanging up. We went to Target because he needed a backpack and a folder for his class. Of course, since it isn't the fall, there were only a few choices for backpacks. Nathan doesn't even know who Batman is, but it is good enough for now.

This is his name tag on his coat rack. See the hand has 3 fingers saying he is in the 3's class. His class only meets for three hours, twice a week. When he turns four (in the fall) he will move into the 4's class and will attend it for three hours, three times a week. The reason I did not start him until now (and not back in September) is because they need to be potty trained and also I didn't feel he was 100% ready back in September... I must say, the wait was worth it because he LOVED school!

Look at how excited he is to be at school! Nathan bravely walked into the classroom, started playing with two other boys, and when I went to tell him I loved him and goodbye, he told me- 'Alright' in a tone of voice that meant, 'Whatever, let me be, I am busy playing!'. Haha!

After we dropped Nathan off we took Autumn to her doctor's appointment and the reason her fever came back is because she now has an ear infection. Poor girl. Oh, was her doctor appointment tiring, when they went to weigh her she just lost it and I mean she let it all out and cried and cried (at the top of her lungs) for 15 minutes without any letup. I could not get her to settle down and I felt like the worst Mommy in the world with a sick little girl that I could not settle down. Luckily, when the nurse came in she did settle down but the poor girl was just exhausted from the night before and just so tired and sick. We left the doctor to get her antibiotics and she slept through the drive through and all the way back to Nathan's school.

At school, my Dad again sat in the car with Autumn while she slept, and we went in to get Nathan. We were 10 minutes early and since the door was open we got to see what Nathan was up to in class. He was doing so well, and they were cleaning up... he came out with his folder (which only included a form for tuition for next year- what the heck!) and a big smile on his face. He told us he wants to come back and that he had so much fun. I was SO glad! Then, on the drive home I must have asked him a million questions about his day and what can I tell ya the boy was not sharing much! So far I know he had graham crackers for snack time, he threw a crumb of his cracker onto another table (umm, ok?), a girl named Katie got put in time out for being bad, the potty at school is not like the potty at home but he used it anyway (I am thinking smaller or a urinal?), and he made me snowflakes and it involved lots of paper and glue. I saw some sort of craft drying so I hope they send them home at his next class because I need some cute things for my new fridge! I am so glad he had a good first day at school!

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