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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nathan's Letters

Nathan has learned a new amazing trick. If I tell him a letter, he will write it on his DoodlePro. I work with him every weekend on writing his name, and somehow I started listing off letters and he would draw them on the DoodlePro. I was such a proud Momma that I took a photo... if you don't have a DoodlePro I highly recommend one! It is even a dry erase board which came with 3 markers and he loves to write with those as well...

You can see he drew an A, N (real little above the A), G (its sideways in the photo), S and H. YAY, Nathan! It is kind of fun to watch him write letters, it is hard to explain but sometimes he traces over certain spots or draws the last line first, but, hey, I am not complaining... I am just saying it is fun to watch a kid learn to write!

He also got this great DVD set for Christmas (I think its Leapfrog) and it teaches him all the sounds that go with the letters. He really likes to watch it... I can't believe my first baby is writing letters and his name!

P.S. 8 MILES completed towards 500K in 2010!!!

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