Curly Crafty Mom: Finally, some snow photos!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Finally, some snow photos!

We have had several days of snow here in St. Louis, but either the snow has fallen on a weekday so that it is almost dark by the time I am off work, or the snow has fallen on a weekend and one or both kids have been sick. FINALLY, we had a snowfall where I was able to get both the kids outside to play in it... Last year Autumn was a demanding little newborn so Nathan never got a chance to play out in the snow. He really enjoyed himself out there and Little Miss Autumn enjoyed her first time out in the snow!

See the big smile on Nathan's face? He is having a blast! He really enjoyed playing with the bucket and shovel.

So, its not a lot of snow, but oh well, the kids still had lots of fun!! And, it was still plenty cold! I love this photo because it shows Nathan's foot prints.

Autumn had a really hard time walking in the snow, she kept falling over and then would cry when her little gloves would fall off and her hands would touch the cold snow. Poor thing! Look at her awkward stance in this photo! hahaha! It just makes me smile and laugh! Such a cutie!

Nathan came over to give Autumn a kiss!

Autumn was a little hesitant about the snow at first, but then she decided she liked it. She was so silly because I would bring her inside every 5-8 minutes just to warm her up, and she would fuss and point to the door handle because she wanted to go back out. THEN, once we all came inside, she stood by the patio door and would point outside and fuss to be let back out. Then, she'd walk away from the door, play, then come back and fuss again! She is going to love it when Spring comes and she can be outside more often.

Here she is playing with the snap on gloves that came with her hand me down snowsuit. They didn't stay on her hands well and she kept playing with them.

Our neighbor has pet ducks and Autumn is watching them through our new fence. I must say I LOVE our new fence, I love that I can have the kids in our backyard now and I don't have to worry about them going onto the field, going in separate directions out of the yard, etc... Nathan loves to wander off, so now he can wander all over the yard and I can just watch and relax. :o)

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