Curly Crafty Mom: Handprint Shamrock

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Handprint Shamrock

Nathan kept waking up with a cough last night, and in the morning his nose was a faucet (trust me, I know, because I found out he wiped it on the arm of the sleeve of my coat TEN times! uUUUggGGhhHHH! Why!!!) and he just wasn't his usual self. By mid-day he was running a low-grade fever, and so we were stuck in the house all day. I have a few St. Patty's day projects planned for the kids, even though I am not Irish but they are! So, I figured today would be a fun day to do the first project...

I got the idea of making handprint shamrock's from Melissa's blog which is My Little World: Choo-Choos, Cars, and Lip Gloss as she always does fun projects with her boys. Thanks, again, Melissa!

I bookmarked this project from last year and thought it would be a great project to work with Nathan on his sensory issues with paint.

Even though I have green paint, I love the idea of teaching Nathan how to mix the two primary colors (blue and yellow) to make green.

Nathan loves to mix up the paint!

And, Autumn loves to brush her luscious locks

Autumn is the opposite of Nathan, having paint on her hands is a thrill, she had a ball squishing her stubs on the paper for her Momma.

Oh my goodness... it is SO hard to get a picture of them together! But, I got ONE!

My poor sick boy... he wanted to wear his hood so he could look like a shamrock, too! Ha!

Autumn is admiring her work... :o)-

Yay! Now I have some cute St. Patty's day artwork to hang on my door.
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