Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Valentine's Day to Daddy!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day to Daddy!

I loved Melissa's blog post from last year where she made a Valentine owl with her son for Valentine's Day. I bookmarked it last year for this year, and boy did we have fun making it.

First I took red paint, and I had Nathan paint the side of his hand... I could not believe that he agreed to do this since he is Mr. Squeaky Clean.

Then I had him lay it on paper to make half of a heart. We did the same with Autumn to make the other side of the heart. You will see the heart in more detail in some of the pictures listed below

I didn't have brown paint in the house, and decided that it'd be a great learning experience to show Nathan that you can mix red and green paint to make brown paint!

Really, maybe he is getting over some of his sensory issues, because, wah-la! He painted his hand with the brush! I am not sure if maybe he was just fascinated with painting his hand with this nifty brush or what, but he did it without any fusses!

However, Autumn did try to eat the sponge paintbrush. This girl will try to eat ANYTHING. So, taking the paintbrush away did not make for a happy camper... that may be why she was a little upset in the next pic...

Of course, Little Miss Loves to be Dirty hated having paint on her hand. It was like the roles were reversed... haha. The two handprints are the WINGS of the owl.

We let the painted pieces dry and while Autumn was napping I let Nathan glue on the rest of the pieces to the owl. I didn't have brown construction paper for the owl body and head, so I used a brown paper bag (thanks, Katie, for the idea!).

Nathan loved gluing and patting down the pieces

Getting all the glue on the owl's eyeball

The owl had to have blue eyes just like Spongebob Squarepants (Nathan's latest craze)

Ta-da! Nathan with the finished product. Isn't this ADORABLE? I love it! And, I love how each handprint is from each child. I wrote Nathan's name, the year, and his age on his handprint and the same with Autumn's handprint. What beatiful wings the owl has... also, the heart turned out really well, too!


Daddy was pleased with his Valentine gift from the kids... too bad its impossible to get the munchkins to stay still long enough for a nice photo! Oh well! heheheh

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