Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Valentine Cards

Monday, February 1, 2010

Nathan's Valentine Cards

We have been having fun with our Valentine preparations at our house. Two weekends ago Autumn worked on her Valentine cards and just this last weekend Nathan got to work on his Valentine cards. I also have a fun activity planned for Nathan to work on next weekend, a special Valentine snack to give out in little bags for his classmates for their Valentine party. Stay tuned for that... I just love all the fun that holidays bring!

I have done Valentine cards with Nathan for several years in a row...

Year 1: Disney Cars valentines, autographed with his thumb print

Year 2, 2008: Hot Wheels valentines, where we rolled Hot Wheels in ink and then rolled them over the back of the cards to autograph them

Year 3, 2009: Thomas the Train valentines, autographed with Nathan's scribbles

And, what, may you ask did we do for our fourth year in 2010?

SpongeBob Square Pants! Nathan's favorite show on TV right now...

Nathan was excited to start on his SpongeBob valentine cards

We had a lot of cards and stickers. I must say, I miss the tiny white envelopes that used to come with valentine cards :( Nowadays, you just fold the card in half...

Nathan ripping the cards apart

He just loved all of the different cards

I wanted Nathan to write a nice little 'N' on each card, and he did really well with the first card...

However, after that... he demanded that he write an 'H' on EVERY single card. Why an H? I have no idea, but that is what he did... He sat and selected an individual card for each of his 14 classmates (his class has 2 sets of twins, isn't that wild?), his teacher, teacher's aid, and a few others... so, he wrote a lot of H's! He can really focus on a project and sit there until we are done, I was really pleased with him.

He also selected an individual sticker for each card and put it on himself

Nathan with ALL of his Valentine cards... I cannot wait until his first Valentine's party at school. I know, I am pathetic, but really, I just can't wait to pick him up after class during my lunch hour. :o)-

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