Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Valentine's Day party at school

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nathan's Valentine's Day party at school

Yesterday Nathan had his first school party and it was a good one. I decided that I couldn't wait to hear about it until after work, so I picked Nathan up from school during my lunch break and dropped him off at Grandma and Pa's house. I started asking Nathan lots of questions about his party, but to my disappointment, he told me, "Mom, I will tell you all about it when you pick me up after you work."

Ummmmm, WHAT? No, I can't wait... So I asked him just a few more questions, I swear... Nope, I got nothing! Apparently this is not uncommon, because my friend at work that has a May 2006 boy also claims that what happens at school stays at school and if you get bits and pieces, that is great. Boo to that!

Anyway, it was nice because I got to the school early and usually they have the door closed, but since the kids had their party they had the door open so that we could come in and watch. Thursdays are dance days and they were wrapping up the class with some music and dancing. Oh, wow, let me just say, Nathan's teacher sure can dance, and... Nathan must have been the most energetic dancer right after her! hahahahahahaha. It was so adorable! He was really getting into it...

So, when we left school he has this huge plastic bag full of lots of Valentine goodies. Here is a picture of Mr. Nathan with his bag of loot before bed at our house. His eyes may look a little puffy here, we had a missing stuffed animal incident prior to this picture. ;o)-

Sissy enjoyed checking out the bag of loot, too!

Isn't this card adorable that Nathan made me? And, look, he wrote his name on the bottom... I love how he writes his N's...

The other side of the card... so cute!! THANK YOU, NATHAN! Mom loves you!

Of course, it was so funny, right before bed, he starts telling me ALL about his party at school. Yeah, and here I had given up hope... he told me that they had regular cookies, not Valentine cookies for a snack, and strawberry jello, too! That the grown ups handed the cards out but one little girl came up to him with a Dora valentine. He said they played a game in the gym where they bounced balloons and he did really, really, really well and kept winning. It sounds like he had a super-fantastic time!

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