Curly Crafty Mom: 5k at the St. Louis Zoo!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5k at the St. Louis Zoo!

So, I am really digging this whole running thing (Thanks, Laura), and so... I decided it is time to run my FIRST 5k race!

I cannot wait, but I must admit... I am slightly nervous. I can run 3.5 miles, but I have never ran that far outside. It is in late May so I hope the humidity is low and we have fantastic weather. My brother and SIL are going to walk the race, and Jeremi and the kids are going to watch me for the sidelines. Hopefully I can get outside to run a little bit before then... I really think I should do fine with this race, as I can comfortably run 3.5 miles and enjoy myself for the most part, so hopefully I can really enjoy the run in Forest Park and all of the fresh air. It will be interesting to see how I do compared to the other runners as I have no idea if I am a slow, medium or fast runner. I am guessing I am probably more on the slow/medium end since I like to keep an even pace... Then, what do I wear? I mean I will have the t-shirt they give everyone that is in the race, but I wonder what sort of shorts I will wear... seriously, at home, I can run in missmatched pj's or whatever is comfy and clean (or not)! And, I still need to get a better pair of running shoes. Well, wish me luck!! I must say, if I can get through a 5k race, I will be quite proud of myself!

Also, I know a lady in my moms club is running in it, and a lady I used to work with that I haven't seen since Nathan's 1st birthday party is planning to walk it. I hope I get to see her and that she brings her son, because he is close to Nathan's age and I'd love to see him. Should be a good time!!
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