Curly Crafty Mom: Easter party at the Teacher's Lounge

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter party at the Teacher's Lounge

There is a store near our house called the Teacher's Lounge... I heart this store, and I take Nathan there for their story time every chance I get. Today we lucked out because they were having an Easter party during their story time!

First the kids got to color and look at how much Nathan colored on his sheet. He has really gotten into crayons lately, which is great, because he used to hate to color!

Then they started on their craft which was a bunny sack that they used for the egg hunt in the store. Nathan wanted a 'boy' bunny so he colored the bow blue.

Nathan putting the ears and face on his bunny sack

Nathan with his cute bunny sack... they always do the CUTEST crafts at this place!

Then the teacher read the kids a few Easter stories.

Nathan during the egg hunt. The teacher told the kids that they had to find 3 eggs in 3 different colors. Nathan found an orange, pink and green egg.

Nathan opened his eggs and got playdough, a plastic horse, a sheet of Easter stickers and a bag of M&M's. He was so excited!

What a fun time! And, tonight Jeremi and I get a DATE NIGHT for our 7 year anniversary! We are going to the Melting Pot and to a movie! Yayyyyyyyy!
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