Curly Crafty Mom: My new swimsuits!!! :o)-

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My new swimsuits!!! :o)-

Before I went out shopping for new swimsuits, the last swimsuit I had purchased was... maternity. Before that? Oh, dear, it was probably over 6 years ago. So, needless to say... I was due for a new swimsuit, big time!!!!

So, I went to Macy's, which is where I always get my perfect swimsuit, and... the selection was small and nothing fit me right! Boo! I got very discouraged... so, I decided to try out JCPenney's next... they were busting from the seams with swimsuits, every kind you could imagine... I tried on probably 40 pairs! And, it came down to just two swimsuits, a one piece (which I NEVER buy one pieces- but this one was super cute!) and a two piece. Retail price? $130 for both plus tax. EEK! But, believe it or not, BOTH were on sale and I got 30% off... so, grand total? $58!!! That is $29 per suit... That is not bad, heck the swimsuits at Target can be more then that!! So, yay, and I did not feel bad at all for getting both!

The one piece will be a great Mommy suit for the swim classes I will be taking with Autumn, and the two piece is a nice sexy wife swimsuit! heheh! Ok, its not THAT sexy but it is super cute!

So, are you ready? Here they are!!!

Here is the one piece... it is a bright pink/magenta and I love all the little folds in it. Its really cute on, and I love the color on me. I was so shocked I liked it because usually I hate one pieces because my torso is so long, but it looks great!

And, ISN'T this one ADORABLE? I love brown with mini white polka dots! There was actually a swimsuit I saw at Target that was all brown with white mini polka dots but they didn't have my size, so I was so excited to see this swimsuit. I just love it... and, isn't it a bonus when you have a young 18 year old cashier ringing you out and she tells you that the swimsuit you selected is something she wants to buy? Heheh!

Now I should dig up a photo of my old swimsuit... so out of style and so what was I thinking?!!
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