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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Status Update! EOM.

Every week, I have to email my boss a status update on my projects at work, and if I forget, I get an email that says "Status Update! EOM." Of course, this past week, I got the enjoyment to send my boss a message on Facebook that said, "Status Update! EOM." because he hadn't announced yet the sex of their third child.

Anyway, today I plan to give you all a status update on what is going on in my life right now... Let's see if I can get this all written before Miss Auttie wakes up from her nap.

I have been doing a little bit of Spring cleaning, we were blessed with walk in closets in our house, and they are a room of their own. Let's just say, this is good, but also bad, because it is easy to store things away in the closets and out of site. Well, lately I decided to clean out ALL of the closets, and I must say I did an excellent job and may be posting pictures of my 'clean' closets. Is that odd? Ok, maybe. But, I must share...

On the house topic, we have decided we are going to have the Master bathroom redone and I am not sure which route we will go, but either we'll have Jeremi's dad and coworker help us or we will hire a profressional to do it. I want to get the dark cherry cabinets because that is the color of the furniture in our bedroom. I think once we select the cabinets, I will be able to decide on a new paint color for the room.

Speaking of painting, we realllly need to have the main interior of the house painted (living room, hall and kitchen//family room (these two rooms are one large room). We have vaulted ceilings and the main rooms are so open in our house that we will need to put some thought into the color schemes. I am sad to say but I used to be so proud of how my house looked inside, but since we have had kids I have realized how DESTRUCTIVE kids are to a house. At least my kids have been :o)- So, therefore, how I decorate NOW will be different then how I decorated it in my pre-kids days. Example? We have a beatiful pine table in our kitchen. Pine = SOFT, soft wood, so soft that you shouldn't even write on a piece of paper on it or it could scratch the surface. I love the table but did I even think of getting a glass top or a harder surfaced table before kids? NO! I just didn't know... I could give many more examples, but let's just say when I start to redecorate the house, it will be nice but just more KID-FRIENDLY and practical.

March is a busy month for us... Jeremi will be celebrating his 31st birthday and we will celebrating 7 years of marriage, and, I have known Jeremi even longer then that as we dated for 3 years before we even got married. I am so glad to be his little heat rock! haha! I knew him before he was even old enough to drink (20!)... which, sort of makes me feel old! Time sure does fly!! Luckily, my mom is watching the kids so we get to go out on our anniversary night, and I am taking a couple of days off of work so we have some fun things planned with the kids. I can't wait! :) It will be a mini-celebration!

Work has been intersting these days... We had a few layoffs in the Marketing department and I am so glad that I dodged the bullet. Before the layoffs, the company offered a special retirement package for the 60 and up crowd and most of them took it. This is a company that used to brag about not having any layoffs since the 1950's and we have several people that have been with the company 20, 30, heck even 40+ years. Of course, I did get more work piled onto my plate and there is no talk of anymore layoffs, but when the company phrase was 'Running meaner and leaner', it didn't surprise me when they trimmed the workforce a bit. A lot of the layoffs were worldwide, so it was pretty spread out, maybe 2% of the entire force. We just launched a new bio campaign and they had a huge party, complete with Biotinis, which I had one and I must say it was quite delicious! I am currently working on three of our publications now by bringing them in from XML to InDesign. I am excited to say we are researching a new XML editor, one that is more robust and powerful and that will be able to pull the XML for the publications onto our website so that a customer can search for what topic they want instead of just posting the PDF of the publication online. Also, I have been working with standardizing our labels for our products to the new GHS classification system, which has been quite interesting.

I am excited to say that I found not one, but TWO swimsuits the other day at the mall. I went to Macy's first and the selection was not so hot... so I went over to JCPenney's and they were busting from the seams with swimsuits! I tried on (seriously) 40 swimsuits that I just adored and settled on... a hot pinkish/magenta one piece- which I usually HATE one pieces but this one is awesome and I love it. It will be great for the "Mom" swim class that I will be putting Autumn in this Spring. Then, the other one I bought is a two piece and the bottom is brown with tiny little white polka dots all over it, and it has some ruffles so it sort of looks like a mini skirt but it isn't. Then the top is blue and the brown mini polka dots as well. So, I have a "Mom" suit and a semi-sexy suit! Can't go wrong with that! I will post pictures when I get a chance to take them, as I know some of my friends haven been asking to see pictures of them. Oh, and I spent $59 total on them! Seriously! They were on sale and I got 30% off of them. NOT BAD for 2 swimsuits!!!

Speaking of swim class, I plan to put Nathan and Autumn in swim classes this late Spring, and then by the time the summer session of the Little Gym starts, the swim classes will be over. I love doing the Little Gym in the summer, so I plan to put Autumn in a Monday class, and Nathan in a Tuesday class. The Little Gym is in the mall, so while Nathan is in class I may do a little window browsing once in awhile since Jeremi will be there, too! Then, I plan to put Nathan in camp at our church/his school two days a week, too! They have this awesome camp with different themes on each day... on Monday they have a swim/pool/sprinkler theme so he will get to play outside in the water but they also still do devotion, free play time, lessons, snack time, etc., and then on Wednesday they have someone come to speak to the kids/activities from different museums, the zoo, botanical gardens, etc., so I found that really exciting and I know he'll love it! So, those are the activities I selected but they also have an art day, karate day, etc. He will just go for half days still, and this way he will still interaction with kids during the summer! Also, one week is vacation bible school so he does that all week instead of camp!

I am doing really well with the 500k in 2010 and I am even considering the thought of training for a 5k race... :o)- However, right now I am running 3 miles at a time, and some days I feel like I could run more and other days I feel that 3 miles is definitly my limit for right now. I love that I am building up my endurance, though! Now, I just need some new running shoes!

I am excited to say that there is now a CRAZY8 store in St. Louis!! It opened this weekend, and, yep, I am going to check it out. I also have a girls night out planned tonight, and Jeremi is going to put both the kids to bed for the first time ever!!! Hope he does well!!!! Hee, hee!

Well, Nathan wants to play cars so EOM!
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