Curly Crafty Mom: April 2010 Status Update

Saturday, April 10, 2010

April 2010 Status Update

It seems once March hits, we are SO busy in this household, and it doesn't slow down again until near the end of August. Let me share with you on what has been happening on our side of the world :o)-

After researching several swim sites, I decided to put Nathan into swim class at the Y again and Autumn will be taking her first swim class as well. When do we start? This Monday!! This will be a big year for Nathan, (1) no swim diapers anymore!! Woohoo! and (2) he may actually learn to swim without the assistance of a floatation device, or so I hope. Nathan's class is 45 minutes and Autumn's class starts 15 minutes after Nathan's class and I will be going in the pool with her since it is a parent/child class. I am THRILLED that we can get both of their swim classes done on the same night and at the same time. I cannot wait to wear my new swimsuit! And, I can't wait to see Autumn in hers! She'll be a cutie! Oh, and of course Nathan will be cute with his shark trunks.

Summer activities? I am planning on putting Autumn into her first Little Gym class, and I was going to keep Nathan out of the Little Gym, but then I decided to put him in the Sports Skills class which looks SUPER fun. I have them both signed up for trial classes in June, so we will see how it goes and if they seem to enjoy the trial class, they'll be enrolled for the summer! Nathan will also be going to camp two half days a week at his regular school, one day is swim day and the other will be a museum day where people from the zoo, mo-dot, etc. come and talk to the kids... and, he will also be in the vacation bible school program the week that they have it in June, which I am excited about because I loved VBS as a child!

Our house is going to get an interior face lift, and soon! The main interior space in our house was painted prior to our move-in, but that was 7 years ago and it needs new paint and badly! Since our house has vaulted ceiling, is very open and we have limited time to paint due to the kids-- we are having our painter guy come out to the house to paint! He is painting the living room, hallway, kitchen and family room (this is ONE large room) AND hallway bathroom. We have used him two other times to paint the outside of our house and garage door, and he is actually a friend of Jeremi's dad so he is giving us a huge discount. He is using Benjamin Moore paint and doing 2 coats so it should look lovely! An added bonus, he is painting it in late April, so it will be done before Nathan's birthday party. Yay! We have picked out two colors to break up the huge space, and don't worry, I will be posting pictures after it is all done.

Today I went to JcPenney's and I bought new towels, shower curtain, etc. to go into the bathroom that we are having painted in the hall. The colors will be chocolaty brown and a minty blue/green- which is so pretty! We are looking into getting our Master bathroom remodeled, so we will be painting that bathroom once it is finished with its remodel.

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that Jeremi got me the Nike+ pedometer for my anniversary, and I am madly in love with it. The Nike+ works only with the Nano, iTouch (what I use) or iPhone and the tiny sensor goes inside your special Nike+ shoes. Then, you use the screen of your iTouch (or whatever you are using) to navigate through the menus. I program mine by distance and I set it to 3.5 miles for each run that I do, if I run more it adjusts automatically which is great. I love that it talks to you through your headphones that you have completed 1 mile, etc., or in the last quarter mile it will update you with how many meters you have left (400, 300, etc.) until you are finished. It has a button for a 'power song' which is great if you need that extra charge, however beware that the 'end workout' button is right under the 'skip song' button and I have accidentally hit it before and you can't go back! You can set up a playlist or have it shuffle songs, which is great because you do not want to be piddling with it much while you are running. I also love that it keeps track of your average pace and displays your current pace while running. After you finish your workout, you plug it into your computer and it uploads all of your running info onto the Nike+ site. The Nike+ site is so neat on its own because you can add friends to your account and they can keep track of what you are running and vice versa. It is SO, so neat!

Speaking of running, I have been running 3.5 (or +) miles, 4 times a week... One time a week I workout my upper body with weights. I am thinking I may need to add in one day of Yoga and I am not sure if anyone has any suggestions on a workout DVD or should I stick to the Wii Fit, because I do enjoy the Yoga on there... I just feel I need to do something one day a week that is at a slow and steady pace and that requires lots of stretching and holding poses since most of my days are spent by running.

You may have seen my blog post but I am indeed running my first 5k race at the zoo in Forest Park on May 23rd. I am nervous but excited, but I know I will do fine because I am prepared for this run and I have been for awhile. I ran 4.02 miles for the first time earlier this week, and I think I will stay there for another month before I try to go any further. I would like to possibly try to run a 10k race this fall, IF I am ready. Also, I would love to do the warrior dash next year as well since this year the race was filled up and the only day they had left was Father's Day (which would never work!). It feels great that I have made so much progress with my running and I must say that wow I feel great because of it- physically and mentally! Muffin top days are gone! Thank goodness!

MAYBE I am the only one, but does anyone else rock out to country music while they run? I love country music and I do listen to other music such as Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, Linkin Park, New Kids on the Block (Haus of Girls just recently got me hooked on their Dirty Dancing song!), etc.)... however, I must say that country music is truly my first love in music and I wanted to share a few of my favorite country music songs right now (in case anyone cares to add them to their play lists :o)- )

People Are Crazy (Billy Currington)
Ticks (Brad Paisley)
American Ride (Toby Keith)
Taylor Swift (Our Song)

What else? Nathan's 4th birthday is coming up next month, and of course I can never throw a simple party... it always has to super creative, so... I have been spending A LOT of time planning his party, which will be Spongebob Squarepants. Umm, do any of you have kids that watch this cartoon? One word- GOOFY. Ok, that is an understatement. But, WOW, this cartoon continues to amaze me.

Nathan is crazy about bugs lately. Autumn is crazy about her necklaces. More on that later as this is getting QUITE long and I am sure noone is even reading this far down. :(

Work. Ah, lovely work. Well, my boss put in his 3 weeks and at first I was ok with it, but the more I think about it... I am going to miss him a lot. :(

Ok, since Jeremi and I RARELY get date nights, however I must say we do have some fun ones planned this summer:
- Dinner at Sidney Street (YUM) and exploring the City Museum by flashlight
- Eclipse!!! Yes, my husband likes Twilight, however, unlike me, he hasn't ready the books.
- The Muny - The Sound of Music

I am planning on getting a Zoo membership this summer for myself and the kids... I think this will be the perfect year to do it, and since Jeremi works a lot, it'll be something I can do with the kids while he is at work. Nathan LOVES bugs and both kids love animals, so I think it will really pay off and we'll get a lot of use out of it. Saint Louis has the best zoo ever!

I think I've typed enough for now.

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