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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Randoms

Nathan had his pictures taken at school, and... when Jeremi and I saw them we were laughing so hard. It is SUCH a classic school picture... Why, you may ask? Well, for one, I photoshopped out the dry and crusty booger that was hanging out of his nose! Eww! Seriously, couldn't they have handed him a tissue to wipe his nose before the photo? And, look at this smirky smile he has in the photo... yes, THAT is the smile I get after he knows he has done something he shouldn't have been doing in the first place. I am sure they shot his picture infront of the other kids and it was quite an exciting event for Mr. Nathan, hence the smile... Of course, I will be doing his 4 year photos next month so I only bought a sheet of wallets of this pose because you cannot tell there is a booger in his nose when the photos are smaller. SIGH ;)

I am in the Mehlville Mom's Club and I am participating in the Baby Mania sale for the first time next Saturday! I have shopped it several times and let me tell you there is a MOB of people that come to look for baby items. I have several neighbors that have done this sale and have sold $400-600 at each sale! That is amazing! My neighbors told me that the best way to sell clothes is to use one of those outdoor tents, which are $200 if you buy them new but Jeremi can borrow a tent from his work for free. You hang up all of the baby clothes and organize them by size, gender, etc. all around the tent, and then set up card tables outside it to display rattles, toys, etc. So, next Friday night will be quite hectic because we are going to load up my CRV and then we need to be up there by 6am sharp to start setting up! Each family that is selling gets 2 parking spaces, and I think there is 177 sellers total, so it is a LARGE sale! So wish us luck that we sell TONS of clothes because they are taking over the unfinished part of our basemenet!

Also, I am SO excited because the painter is coming to our house to paint this Monday-Wednesday! After he paints I can put the new bathroom accessories and towels in the hall bathroom and I can't wait to see how it looks. We are also going to get new curtains for the living room, family room and kitchen and new couch pillows for in the family room. I have been looking at curtains online and I have this vision of what I want but I just cannot find it anywhere, so if anyone can suggest any curtain websites, that would be terrific.

I am supposed to do an outdoor run this Sunday at Jefferson Barracks park with my friend from work but it will probably rain. I will be so bummed if it does... she is going to run part of it with me and do some Pit workout and I am going to run. Also, Jeremi and I are heading to Dicks tomorrow to look at treadmills and I will probably buy one then. So, if anyone has any tips on what to look for in a good treadmill, please let me know... I am looking at the $700 range.

Today was my supervisor's last day at the company... I will miss him so much, but he landed an awesome job so I am happy for him.

I am making my famous choocolate souffle this weekend, so stay tuned for photos and the recipe... It is SO good!!!

Nathan's birthday is coming up soon and party plans are under way...

So, its definitly going to be a busy weekend!

Did I mention I am off a week next month? I am COUNTING down the days!
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