Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's First Visit to BounceU

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nathan's First Visit to BounceU

Today I took Nathan to BounceU with my coworker and her son and we had a great time. BounceU is within walking distance of my house, and yet I have never taken Nathan there! It was a lot of fun, they had two rooms and we got to spend 40 minutes in each room.

The first room was my favorite, and I think it was Nathan's favorite, too! There was a staircase that led up to a slide and he spent most of the time going up and down this slide. I must admit, I went down it at least a dozen times, too!

Jacob and Nathan at the bottom, you can tell they were having fun!

Nathan was really good about using the sack, which you needed to wear in order to go down the slide

In the next room, they had this air blast gun, which Nathan loved.

There was an air tee-ball set

Then there was the hugggeee slide and in order to get up to it you had to climb... Nathan needed a little help and I only went down it once because... well, lets just say, I am getting to old for this stuff! lol!!! Plus, I felt like I was a giant while climbing, you could definitely tell that it was built for kids because the spaces were narrow... Although, I did tell Cammie that this could possibly be good practice for the Warrior Dash! lol!

Nathan going down the steep slide
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