Curly Crafty Mom: Peer Pressure at 3.9075

Friday, April 16, 2010

Peer Pressure at 3.9075

Nathan is almost 4 years old and I could NOT believe what came out of his mouth today on the way home from Grandpa and ma's house.

Nathan: "Mommy, can you get me one of those Spongebob watches? I need one. Caroline and Hayden have one and I WANT ONE TOO."

Yikes. I can remember saying the SAME EXACT thing to my parents, but I was... maybe 12? I remember telling them I wanted a Nintendo because everyone at school had one.

So, my response? The one that my Dad told me when I wanted my Nintendo.

Me: "Nathan, if Caroline and Hayden told you to jump off a bridge, I know you wouldn't want to do that."

Nathan: "If I jump off the bridge do I get a Spongebob watch on the other side?"

Oh dear. So, what did I do? Let's just say, I see lots of Burger King visits in our near future. And, might I add, I am not a big fast food fan. Sigh. (Oh and incase you care, yes, I did get my Nintendo!)

Here is the little stinker with his watch:

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