Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday, Nathan!

Today was Nathan's birthday, and we had originally planned on going to Six Flags, but the weather was cold and dreary so we are going to go later in the week.

Here is my baby asleep, before turning 4... I am having a hard time acknowledging that Nathan is indeed 4 already, every year is going by faster and faster it seems. Last year on Nathan's 3rd birthday, we took away his diapers cold and we potty trained him that week! Nathan has matured so much this year, he started school, he has made friends and is coloring more and writing letters. Nathan also loves to tell stories now, but some of it is true and other parts are fiction. Nathan can sing an entire song now, and loves to ask question upon question... he is really growing up!

As soon as Nathan got out of bed this morning, he had 6 presents waiting for him in the living room. It did not take Nathan long to tear through them and it was a Zhu Zhu house with attachments. Nathan loves to watch You Tube videos of trackmaster trains, and he has found some really neat Zhu Zhu setups on You Tube as well with the tubes and tunnels... so, of course, he wanted a hamster house as he calls it!

Nathan with all of his Zhu Zhu's

Nathan's favorite part of the Zhu Zhu house is the hamster mobile. He also has a skateboard which is pretty cool, too.

It didn't take long for Autumn to notice the Zhu Zhu setup...

Its nice because they can both play Zhu Zhu's together... sometimes nice and sometimes, well, not so nicely ;o)-

I also got Nathan a soccer goal, ball, shoes and shin guards to get him ready for soccer this fall! Look at how WILD Autumn's hair is in the morning!

Happy Birthday, Nathan! The other gift that we gave him was a Hot Wheels bike, we got the 14" one... now if we could get some sunshine, he will be able to ride it outside!
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