Curly Crafty Mom: Happy Mother's Day!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

Look at what my wonderful husband and kids got me for Mother's Day! I love gerbera daisies! Also, the kids got me 3 loaves of bread from this fancy schnancy bread place... I love bread, so it was a great gift!

I think this has been the BUSIEST I have ever been on Mother's Day! My mom and I had originally planned to check out this huge nursery in Imperial called Bayer's, but she has a nasty cold so had to cancel. :( However, Jeremi watched the kids, and I still went and I got to browse all the beautiful annuals this morning. This place was gigantic and they had a lot of unique flowers and a huge selection of even just the basic petunias, impatiens, veggies, etc. I must admit, I had a lot of fun!! hee, hee!

Then, I got home and we had lunch and the plan was for Jeremi to hang up our new curtains and for me and Nathan to plant the flowers and veggies while Autumn napped. This worked out really well, but it was still hectic because Nathan seems to be really needy when he knows I am trying to get something done quickly! Example, we brought out his play lawn mower and he kept running out of bubble solution in it, and I had to keep filling it for him. But, I did finally give him a big pile of dirt to play in, and what boy is not amused for at least an hour with a big pile of dirt full of worms that he can plow his construction vehicles through. (Great, idea, I know!)

I finally got the front annuals done and all of my baskets and I started on my veggies... errr, ok, just tomatoes :o)- I bought beef steak, some sort of pink tomato (hey, its my favorite color!) and sweet cherry tomatoes. I have one of those topsy turvy things, and I hung two cherry tomato plants upside down in it.

Meanwhile, Jeremi worked on hanging the curtain rods in our living room, kitchen and patio door windows. I purchased the curtains that you have to stick a loop needle in so that you can attach rings to the curtain. I have never had this style of curtain before but THEY LOOK AWESOME just AWESOME! We painted our family room and kitchen a sage green color and the accent colors I am decorating with are sage green, chocolaty brown and gold to go with the room. The curtain rod has a gold rod with golden rings and the curtains are cream to match our couches and to contrast again the sage green walls. I also bought new couch pillows that are SO soft and well, you'll have to wait for pictures!

Then, the living room which faces the kitchen/family room is painted in a taupe color and the curtains are a sage green with a chocolaty colored rod.

I will try to get pictures up soon, but I am still doing some final touches, so I hope the week I am off work I will have time to finish the rooms and get some pictures. Our bathroom is looking wonderful as well :o)-

We have been just so busy trying to get everything done with the house before Nathan's big 4 year old birthday party this Saturday! It is going to be a long and hectic week, but at least I am off of work the week after! We are planning on taking Nathan to Six Flags of America on his birthday, can't wait!!
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