Curly Crafty Mom: Our 2nd Annual Strawberry Picking at Eckerts

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our 2nd Annual Strawberry Picking at Eckerts

We picked Nathan up from school today and he was so excited because we told him we were going to go strawberry picking at Eckerts in Belleville, Illinois. Nathan loves his new Spongebob sunglasses!

When we first got there, we had lunch at the restaurant... I had hoped that Autumn would take a nap on the way there, but nope. Luckily she was not fussy at all because Eckerts involved lunch (food) and outside time (strawberry picking)- her two favorite things!

I love this photo of her with her drink

We took the bus over to the strawberry patch, and both kids ran down the pathway in search for the juiciest strawberries.

Here is my favorite Auttie photo from the strawberry patch!

I did get them to slow down long enough for a photo...

or two :o)-

Both kids loved picking the strawberries

It made for a lot of precious pictures

See, Mom!

So cute! The strawberry stains were the least of my troubles, because...

Miss Auttie fell into a mud puddle!!! Poor thing! I got her out and her hand, side of her leg and her entire shoe was covered. This is what it looked like after I wiped some of it off with some paper towels I had on me.

And the mud on her bum

Nathan was so sweet, he kept picking me flowers and giving them to me. What a lady's man!

He also picked a lot of strawberries

And, Autumn ate a lot of strawberries... I had to remind her several times NOT to eat the stem. Sigh.

So amazed by a little piece of strawberry

My two favorite men with some delicious strawberries

And me and Auttiewattypotty (as Nathan likes to call her)

I love old time trucks and hope to buy one and fix it up someday. Nathan just loved this truck, too, and he loved it even more when the lady told him it had a flat tire. He was just AMAZED by the flat tire... he even told us tonight that he wants to go back to the strawberry place that has the old time truck with the flat tire. Ahhh, 4 year olds!
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