Curly Crafty Mom: June 2010

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nathan and his Daddy build a Monster Truck at Lowes!

My friend Cammie at work told me that her husband was taking their son (who is Nathan's age) to the Lowes Build and Grow Workshop this weekend. She told me that every month, the kids get to build a new project... and, that this weekend's project was a MONSTER TRUCK (something that every little boy wants!). So, I went ahead and signed Nathan up so that Daddy and Nathan could have some male bonding time! It was so cute, Jeremi told me right before they left that he was worried... he told me, 'I hope I can help him build this Monster Truck, building is not my expertise!' haha! However, I knew it wouldn't be TOO complicated, and Daddy and Nathan came home bearing a Monster Truck!

Of course, I let Jeremi take my expensive camera with him... and I reminded him a million times, please don't drop it or leave it in the hot car! Luckily, it came home safe and sound. Although, he did take all of the pictures on the close-up (flower) mode! Luckily, they weren't too fuzzy, so maybe somehow it got switched on that mode after he took the pictures. Who knows.

Nathan got a packet of goodies, a certificate, an apron, goggles, hammer, the kit to make the Monster Truck and a cute little patch that I get to iron onto his apron that says he did the Monster Truck building activity! So cute! The only item he did not get to take home was the hammer. I cannot believe all of this is free!

Nathan using his hammer

The finished car

Putting on stickers

All done! Posing with the hammer!

Ok, so this is the part that I just LOVE... not only did he build a Monster Truck... but, the Monster Truck came with two paper cars to crush!!! Yeahhhh!

And, what 4 year old boy does not like to crash a Monster Truck into cars?!

Closeup of the car


Nathan and his Monster Truck. Excuse the yellow teeth, tongue and mouth! He had a yellow Sponge Bob sno cone right before this picture!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp Nathan

Nathan is at camp at his school two half days a week this summer for a couple of months. On Mondays they do sort of a 'water' day outside and on Wednesdays they have places such as the Zoo, Science Center, etc. come to speak to the kids.

The first week, the Zoo came to the school and the theme was 'Artistic Animals'... Nathan LOVED it! They brought in several animals for the kids to see, a one-eyed owl (Nathan was fascinated that the owl had only one eye, I am thinking-- creepy!), some sort of lizard, another animal (sorry, I can't remember) and a hamster.

He said they played a game, and then they did a craft. He made a mouse (he keeps calling it a hamster) out of blue play dough and added a pipe cleaner for a tail. Its really small, so hopefully Autumn doesn't try to eat it. ;o)-

Here are a couple of pictures... I am glad he is enjoying Camp Nathan!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Gym

So, I decided to sign both kids up for the Little Gym this summer. Autumn is in the regular gymnastics class (and its her first Little Gym experience) and Nathan is in the Sports Skills class. I think this will be the last summer that I enroll Nathan in it, because next year he'll finally be old enough to get into T-ball.

Autumn's class involves the parent to be in the class... Jeremi took these pictures and they are WAY beyond Photoshop repair.

Autumn jumping

Autumn and the parachute. I am so glad I signed Autumn up for this class, because she really does not get any one on one time without big brother intruding! And, she just loves the class... she especially loves to swing on the bars, and will even tuck her head under for a forward roll.

Nathan's Sports Skills class is going really well, too. Its a combination of sports and gymnastics. They show him how to throw a ball the proper way, how to land properly (on your feet, not your knees), etc. Its a fantastic class! They are focusing on one sport each week, last week was soccer... In the fall I plan to put him into soccer, can't wait!

Here he is on the balance beam

Autumn had fun in the lobby watching...

And feeding her babies! heheh

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well Visits

I am sort of fallen off the blogging wagon lately, but I am planning to get back on it this week. :o)- I started this blog post a few weeks ago and never finished it.

Both Nathan and Autumn had their well visits last month, and I wanted to share the details.

Nathan went in for his 4 year old well visit, and he did really well. One thing that was new at this appointment was that they checked his vision and it was fine. We also discussed his weight, because he has slimmed down a lot this past year. Nathan is super picky and we have to constantly encourage him to take bites at the kitchen table. The doctor's order? NO more snacks inbetween meals! Poor Nathan! ;o)- Nathan was REALLY brave with his shots, he actually sat there and watched the nurse get everything ready and inject him. He didn't even flinch. I was amazed! He did not have any side effects from the shots... thank goodness!

Here are his stats... he is sort of on the shorter and thinner side.

Height: 39.5" (32%)
Weight 32 lbs (16%)

As for Little Miss Autumn... we have been calling her 'Sissy'. She did really well for her well visit, too, however, they found out that she had a double ear infection! I had no clue, she wasn't running a temperature or sleeping poorly... Since she cannot take amoxycillian anymore, they gave her a different antibiotic, Cefdinir. It was basically powdered water! Luckily she didn't mind the taste! The funny thing is that I got a double ear infection the next day! So we both had one at the same time... it was a nasty cold!

Here are Autumn's stats from her 18 month visit, she is tall and thin... Why can't Nathan have the tall gene? Poor guy... ;o)-

Height: 32.5" (73%)
Weight: 21 lbs (7%)

I discussed with the doctor about Autumn's vocaublary and how it is limited... she understands, and shakes her head yes and no, she says a few words such as Mama, Dada, Baby, Sponge Bob, Kitty Cat... etc. Nathan was just A LOT more vocal at this age. However, she really surprised me tonight. I was starting to buckle her into her booster chair and she said 'I can do it!"... its SO funny that she said that, because Nathan says that ALL the time to us! She must really look up to her big bro! Anyway, she said it several more times tonight and I just loved hearing it... even though she is being a little bossy! ha, ha! Watch out, I think terrible two's are starting early!! ;o)-

Also, the doctor asked the question I was hoping he wouldn't ask. Do I still give Autumn a bottle? Ummm, yes. I need to break her of it. She gets a bottle after her nap, I actually set it next to her and she drinks it when she wakes up from her nap. The rest of the time its when we eat and in a cup... and, she loves water. Sigh.

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day, Jeremi! Thank you for being such a wonderful father to Nathan and Autumn. Nathan appreciates his Daddy/Nathan dates when you take him to the train store and for Mickey D's! Nathan (and Auttie) got Daddy a McDonald's Fry Shirt- perfect for a Daddy who loves Mickey D's! ;o)- You can't really see the shirt in this picture... oh well. It was funny because when I showed Nathan the fry shirt, I told him to tell Daddy that it was a fishing pole, not a shirt. So, Nathan came out of our bedroom and told Jeremi, "Daddy, I got your a fishing pole, but maybe not a fishing pole!" Haha.

Here we are at lunch today.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Nathan is enjoying his first Vacation Bible School experience this week.

Look at the cute entrance, the lady that put this together really put some hard work into the church decorations.

I loved all of the little details

Here is the inside of the church, Nathan's school has purchased smart boards for all of the classrooms and they had one of them inside the church behind the curtain. The smart boards are amazing and have a touch screen!

Every day of the week, one class wins these cute little bee headbands... its Wednesday and poor Nathan still hasn't won his yet! He can't wait to win!

Here is Nathan after VBS. Such cute decorations! He made a bee and the wings are his handprints. Nathan is having so much fun, he said that he even got to play in the 5 YEAR OLD classroom today. Nathan is OBSESSED with being 5 years old lately, and so of course I guess it was a huge deal when he got to be in the kindergarten room today.

The VBS group is sending donations of towels, twin bed sheets and cloth bibs to the Dominican Republic. I took Nathan to JCPenney after work today and let him pick out towels (he selected blue towels) and bibs (he wanted pink, because he thinks the boy that will get the blue towels will have a little sissy like him). So cute! I explained to him that a little boy and a baby girl in the Dominican Republic needs our help and we are sending them items they desperately need.

I felt really good today, when I was walking out of the church, a lady came up to me and told me that I have such a well behaved son. She told me that she sits in the class with her daughter who just turned 3 because she is very shy and she said that Nathan is just the sweetest kid. Hmmm, maybe I am not a total failure at this Mom job after all. ;o)-

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Water Games

I am a bit behind on blogging. :O Sorry... Excuses? None really. :)

On Nathan's birthday, it was cool and rainy so I was really bummed that we did not get to play the water games I had planned for the big day.

I couldn't let the water balloons, etc. go to waste- so I took the kids outside and we had an after birthday party celebration and did the water games as a fun outside activity!

First game, water balloon toss! I had the kids try to throw their water balloons through the holes in Autumn's little pool raft. Yeah, that was fun for awhile, until they decided that throwing them at each other or at ME would be better! Ahhhck!

Autumn sort of enjoyed just throwing the water balloons on the grass. Some of them busted open, some didn't. Don't worry, Nathan took care of the ones that didn't open.

So cute! Aren't these water balloons small? I mean aren't they normally bigger such as the size of a softball? These were the size of an egg. Cheapo!!

Fighting over the last few balloons. Oh, gotta love them!

The second game we played was the SPONGE game. I had a bucket of water for Nathan and Autumn, and they had to squeeze water into their large sponge and then squeeze the water out into the empty bucket. Whoever filled their bucket up with the most water after 5 minutes won. So, who do you think won? Hard guess, I know... ;)

Yeah, Nathan won :)

Autumn just wanted to play in the water. :) That is ok!

I had some prizes from the Dollar Store that are water play and sand box toys. Of course, Autumn got upset when Nathan took the little water balls from her sling. Got to love sibling rivalry ;)
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