Curly Crafty Mom: Camp Nathan

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camp Nathan

Nathan is at camp at his school two half days a week this summer for a couple of months. On Mondays they do sort of a 'water' day outside and on Wednesdays they have places such as the Zoo, Science Center, etc. come to speak to the kids.

The first week, the Zoo came to the school and the theme was 'Artistic Animals'... Nathan LOVED it! They brought in several animals for the kids to see, a one-eyed owl (Nathan was fascinated that the owl had only one eye, I am thinking-- creepy!), some sort of lizard, another animal (sorry, I can't remember) and a hamster.

He said they played a game, and then they did a craft. He made a mouse (he keeps calling it a hamster) out of blue play dough and added a pipe cleaner for a tail. Its really small, so hopefully Autumn doesn't try to eat it. ;o)-

Here are a couple of pictures... I am glad he is enjoying Camp Nathan!

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