Curly Crafty Mom: Little Gym

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Little Gym

So, I decided to sign both kids up for the Little Gym this summer. Autumn is in the regular gymnastics class (and its her first Little Gym experience) and Nathan is in the Sports Skills class. I think this will be the last summer that I enroll Nathan in it, because next year he'll finally be old enough to get into T-ball.

Autumn's class involves the parent to be in the class... Jeremi took these pictures and they are WAY beyond Photoshop repair.

Autumn jumping

Autumn and the parachute. I am so glad I signed Autumn up for this class, because she really does not get any one on one time without big brother intruding! And, she just loves the class... she especially loves to swing on the bars, and will even tuck her head under for a forward roll.

Nathan's Sports Skills class is going really well, too. Its a combination of sports and gymnastics. They show him how to throw a ball the proper way, how to land properly (on your feet, not your knees), etc. Its a fantastic class! They are focusing on one sport each week, last week was soccer... In the fall I plan to put him into soccer, can't wait!

Here he is on the balance beam

Autumn had fun in the lobby watching...

And feeding her babies! heheh
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