Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan and his Daddy build a Monster Truck at Lowes!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nathan and his Daddy build a Monster Truck at Lowes!

My friend Cammie at work told me that her husband was taking their son (who is Nathan's age) to the Lowes Build and Grow Workshop this weekend. She told me that every month, the kids get to build a new project... and, that this weekend's project was a MONSTER TRUCK (something that every little boy wants!). So, I went ahead and signed Nathan up so that Daddy and Nathan could have some male bonding time! It was so cute, Jeremi told me right before they left that he was worried... he told me, 'I hope I can help him build this Monster Truck, building is not my expertise!' haha! However, I knew it wouldn't be TOO complicated, and Daddy and Nathan came home bearing a Monster Truck!

Of course, I let Jeremi take my expensive camera with him... and I reminded him a million times, please don't drop it or leave it in the hot car! Luckily, it came home safe and sound. Although, he did take all of the pictures on the close-up (flower) mode! Luckily, they weren't too fuzzy, so maybe somehow it got switched on that mode after he took the pictures. Who knows.

Nathan got a packet of goodies, a certificate, an apron, goggles, hammer, the kit to make the Monster Truck and a cute little patch that I get to iron onto his apron that says he did the Monster Truck building activity! So cute! The only item he did not get to take home was the hammer. I cannot believe all of this is free!

Nathan using his hammer

The finished car

Putting on stickers

All done! Posing with the hammer!

Ok, so this is the part that I just LOVE... not only did he build a Monster Truck... but, the Monster Truck came with two paper cars to crush!!! Yeahhhh!

And, what 4 year old boy does not like to crash a Monster Truck into cars?!

Closeup of the car


Nathan and his Monster Truck. Excuse the yellow teeth, tongue and mouth! He had a yellow Sponge Bob sno cone right before this picture!
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