Curly Crafty Mom: Vacation Bible School

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Vacation Bible School

Nathan is enjoying his first Vacation Bible School experience this week.

Look at the cute entrance, the lady that put this together really put some hard work into the church decorations.

I loved all of the little details

Here is the inside of the church, Nathan's school has purchased smart boards for all of the classrooms and they had one of them inside the church behind the curtain. The smart boards are amazing and have a touch screen!

Every day of the week, one class wins these cute little bee headbands... its Wednesday and poor Nathan still hasn't won his yet! He can't wait to win!

Here is Nathan after VBS. Such cute decorations! He made a bee and the wings are his handprints. Nathan is having so much fun, he said that he even got to play in the 5 YEAR OLD classroom today. Nathan is OBSESSED with being 5 years old lately, and so of course I guess it was a huge deal when he got to be in the kindergarten room today.

The VBS group is sending donations of towels, twin bed sheets and cloth bibs to the Dominican Republic. I took Nathan to JCPenney after work today and let him pick out towels (he selected blue towels) and bibs (he wanted pink, because he thinks the boy that will get the blue towels will have a little sissy like him). So cute! I explained to him that a little boy and a baby girl in the Dominican Republic needs our help and we are sending them items they desperately need.

I felt really good today, when I was walking out of the church, a lady came up to me and told me that I have such a well behaved son. She told me that she sits in the class with her daughter who just turned 3 because she is very shy and she said that Nathan is just the sweetest kid. Hmmm, maybe I am not a total failure at this Mom job after all. ;o)-
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