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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Well Visits

I am sort of fallen off the blogging wagon lately, but I am planning to get back on it this week. :o)- I started this blog post a few weeks ago and never finished it.

Both Nathan and Autumn had their well visits last month, and I wanted to share the details.

Nathan went in for his 4 year old well visit, and he did really well. One thing that was new at this appointment was that they checked his vision and it was fine. We also discussed his weight, because he has slimmed down a lot this past year. Nathan is super picky and we have to constantly encourage him to take bites at the kitchen table. The doctor's order? NO more snacks inbetween meals! Poor Nathan! ;o)- Nathan was REALLY brave with his shots, he actually sat there and watched the nurse get everything ready and inject him. He didn't even flinch. I was amazed! He did not have any side effects from the shots... thank goodness!

Here are his stats... he is sort of on the shorter and thinner side.

Height: 39.5" (32%)
Weight 32 lbs (16%)

As for Little Miss Autumn... we have been calling her 'Sissy'. She did really well for her well visit, too, however, they found out that she had a double ear infection! I had no clue, she wasn't running a temperature or sleeping poorly... Since she cannot take amoxycillian anymore, they gave her a different antibiotic, Cefdinir. It was basically powdered water! Luckily she didn't mind the taste! The funny thing is that I got a double ear infection the next day! So we both had one at the same time... it was a nasty cold!

Here are Autumn's stats from her 18 month visit, she is tall and thin... Why can't Nathan have the tall gene? Poor guy... ;o)-

Height: 32.5" (73%)
Weight: 21 lbs (7%)

I discussed with the doctor about Autumn's vocaublary and how it is limited... she understands, and shakes her head yes and no, she says a few words such as Mama, Dada, Baby, Sponge Bob, Kitty Cat... etc. Nathan was just A LOT more vocal at this age. However, she really surprised me tonight. I was starting to buckle her into her booster chair and she said 'I can do it!"... its SO funny that she said that, because Nathan says that ALL the time to us! She must really look up to her big bro! Anyway, she said it several more times tonight and I just loved hearing it... even though she is being a little bossy! ha, ha! Watch out, I think terrible two's are starting early!! ;o)-

Also, the doctor asked the question I was hoping he wouldn't ask. Do I still give Autumn a bottle? Ummm, yes. I need to break her of it. She gets a bottle after her nap, I actually set it next to her and she drinks it when she wakes up from her nap. The rest of the time its when we eat and in a cup... and, she loves water. Sigh.
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