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Monday, July 5, 2010

Library Reading Program

This is the second summer that I have signed both of the kids up for the summer reading program through our county library. It is such a great program, for many reasons (1) its FREE! (2) encourages you to read to your child (3) your child gets excited about going to the library to pick out their own books and (4) prizes!

It was funny, because the first week that I went to the library to sign the kids up, Autumn had brought her baby doll with her. Well, in the kids part of the library they have a lot of stuffed animals. Autumn left her doll on the table so she could play with the stuffed animals. When we were leaving, Jeremi picked up Autumn but did not know she had brought her doll with her. I was carrying a zillion books to check out so I also did not notice. We were driving home when Autumn started to cry for her baby doll! We rushed back to the library and they were closing the door (it was 5pm) and I ran from the parking lot to the door and explained the situation. They understood and told me they wouldn't want a sad little girl without her baby doll. Luckily, I found baby doll mixed in with all of the stuffed animals. Whew! Autumn almost lost her!

Nathan loves to put the books back in the return drawer. Autumn is too short, so she helps by handing him the books. Team work!

They have not one but TWO Spongebob stuffies (as Nathan calls them) at the library.

Autumn at the table

This is at home... Nathan loves to stand under my topsy turvy (its an upside down cherry tomato plant) when I water it from the top. Its funny because usually I am up high when I water it and sometimes I don't even see him standing under it until he's already drenched! Silly boy! Of course, he glady stood under it so I could take a picture of him today wearing his 4th of July necklace. The library always has coloring sheets or crafts for the kids each week, and this week they had firecracker/flag necklaces that you could make! Of course, Autumn's got torn off quickly, but here is Nathan's! I should have had him color it with blue and red only, but oh well! He is pretty proud of it. Hopefully Autumn doesn't get her claws on it. ;o)-
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