Curly Crafty Mom: Probably the last Little Gym pictures...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Probably the last Little Gym pictures...

The summer Little Gym session is almost over... so, of course... My Mom took these at Autumn's class a couple of weeks ago. Autumn loves gymnastics!

Last week, she saw Grandma and Nathan leave the Little Gym, and I was in the actual gym part with her. Well, she tried to run after Grandma, but it is all glass walls and she didn't realize she was running right to the wall. And, bonk! Yes, she hit her poor little forehead. Luckily, the Little Gym ladies brought her an icepack and that made her feel all better! Poor thing!

Autumn on the beam. She does really well with this, and on the lower one she gets mad if I hold her hand. :o)-

Autumn can climb up on anything. ANYTHING, I tell you! Not sure if I like that... ;o)

Happy little gymnast :)

We are planning on putting Nathan into soccer this fall. We have done the soccer classes in the past at Vetta... However, this year he seems mature enough to follow directions/stay with the group enough that I am considering an actual soccer team through the Lutheran schools. We will see. I probably won't enroll Autumn in anything, just because we will be pretty busy with Nathan with a soccer team. Might as well keep it simple while I still can ;o)-
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