Curly Crafty Mom: Second 5K Joker's Wild Run in Westport

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Second 5K Joker's Wild Run in Westport

Today I ran the Joker's Wild run which started at Westport and we ran around the Maryland Heights area. Let me tell you, it was hot and I was sweating from the humidity before I even started the race. However, I was a lot more confident since this was my second 5K and I also had 2 more months of running under my belt from when I did my first 5K in May. My first 5K was in Forest Park and the view was breathtaking, however this run was a little boring... what did I see? Well, I ran mostly on Dorsett Road and Page, so all I saw was A LOT of office buildings! The most exciting building I saw was maybe the Coca Cola Bottling building... but, they did have more water stations with this run and we even got these little sponges soaked in cold water at one of the mile points.

I actually ran past the 3.1 miles, and ran to 4.73 miles, in 53 minutes and 32 seconds with a pace of 11'19" a mile. I am so proud of myself that I ran that far, but... that was it. I wanted to try to go to 5 miles but couldn't. So, I have a lot of work until my next race which will be a 10K on October 18th.

They had a pancake and sausage breakfast after the race, and the guy gave me 8 pancakes! And, no, I did not eat all of them! LOL! I guess they think some of us work up quite an appetite when we run. I also tried this Honey Milk drink with my breakfast, it was ok... I think I will stick to water, though! ;o)-

BTW, Jeremi took that picture of me before I left the house. :o)- I am wondering what I am going to do with all of these running shirts I am acquiring... they aren't really shirts I would wear out in public. LOL! :o)- The shirt for the 10K I am running in October is going to be long sleeved and black, are you kidding me? Running in long sleeves? Maybe it will be cool outside by then. ;o)-
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