Curly Crafty Mom: Blue Silly Putty

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue Silly Putty

I have one last blog post to add in from Nathan's camp days from the summer. He came home with a bag of blue homemade silly putty from when the Science Center came to visit them at camp. He was so proud of it that he wanted me to take a picture of him with the blue silly putty AND all of his blue Pixar cars. Can you tell he has a lot of Pixar cars?

This silly putty is quite... sticky and wet. Not the regular dry and rubbery stuff. I really am curious how silly putty is made now... I may have to do a silly putty day with the kids, just so I can see how its made :o)-

Lastly, here is Nathan with his shirt that finally fits him! My friend Becky got him this shirt at my baby shower for Nathan! Its a 4T and FINALLY fits him! I think she got it at Hot Topic when they still carried kids clothing. Too funny!!!
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