Curly Crafty Mom: Library Reading Night at the Magic House

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Library Reading Night at the Magic House

Nathan and Autumn both completed the Library Reading Program this summer, and one of the rewards for Nathan was a free night at the Magic House. I have been planning some evening activities for myself and Nathan so we can have some Mommy and Nathan time together. Its been a lot of fun, and it is a special treat for Nathan to be able to stay out a little past bed time.

This was Nathan's third time to the Magic House, and... I have figured out what Nathan's favorites are in the house. First favorite: water play! Here he is with all of the blue boats.

Second favorite: Lego Gravity Slide. This is where the kids build cars, trucks, planes, etc. with the smaller legos, and they can race them down the slide to see whose goes down the quickest.

Third favorite: life size car! Nathan told me he can't wait until he is 16 and can have his first car. Oh. Dear.

Fourth favorite, and Nathan's FAVORITE part of the Magic House. The fishing pond! The kids catch a fish with a magentic fishing rod, then they take it across the room and dump it into the pond, and they can watch it go all the way along the creek into the lake. Very, very neat.

Last time I went to the Magic House, I took both kids with me on Halloween last year. It was pretty hectic keeping tabs on both of them by myself, so it was fun just to go with Nathan. However, I did think about Autumn the entire time and how I should take her sometime real soon. She would really love this doll house. :o)-
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