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Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer Recap

Since, it is still officially 'summer' I thought I would sneak in my Summer Recap post before its too late. :o)-

Summer, to me is a time to play outside on the extra long days, to live a little more carefree, a time to escape the office and to use up lots of my vacation days, a time to be lazy at the pool, sandals and pedicures, getting away for a family vacation, enjoying the ripe tomatoes in my garden, walks in the park... yet, none of this stopped this from becoming the summer where Autumn has literally grown up before my own eyes! Its amazing how much more of a baby she still was to me at the beginning of this summer, and now she is really becoming more and more independent and self-willing each and every day! Nathan, is becoming such a little man and amazes me with his perception of life through his 4 year old eyes. :)

Here is a recap of our summer:

Nathan learned how to ride a bike

Nathan went to Vacation Bible School for the first time

Nathan went to camp two days a week at school. Mondays were water play days, and Wednesdays were museum days

Nathan particpated in the Little Gym Sports Skills class, and Autumn took her first Little Gym class

Both kids completed the Library Reading Program

I finished the 5K Jokers Wild Run in Westport

Did some fun things around town with the kids: Busch Stadium tour, visited Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, Lowes Build to Grow with Nathan, swimming, Magic House, bird concert at World Bird Sanctuary, zoo, parks, etc.

Took the kids to see the mountains in Colorado. Lunch with Janna :o)-

Autumn starting to sleep later (hey, I had to add this in! Its a BIG deal! lol!)

Goodbye summer, and welcome fall. Well, not just yet, but I do love fall :o)- This fall Nathan started preschool 4, I am running in the GO! St. Louis 10K Halloween 10K (gosh, I hope I am ready for it when it gets here!), planning to take the kids to the circus, apple picking for the first time... and lots more! Also, I just signed up for Mondo Beyondo, which is an online class that helps you build upon your dreams, to rest more and learn to play. I will write more on Mondo Beyondo later. :o)-

Also, this fall Nathan will be playing on a soccer team for the first time, which should be really fun! I asked him if he wanted to play on the soccer team and he said, "Yes, DEFINITELY! I love soccer!" lol!

I also signed up as a Room Mother at Nathan's school, and I have been put in charge as the lead party planner for all of the preschool 4 parties. I think there is 5 parties total, so wish me luck with the first party... which is my favorite holiday, HALLOWEEN!!! I'm not exactly sure how much work I have gotten myself into, but I am excited to be able to get to know Nathan's teacher and the other Mom's and Nathan's classmates better this year. Should be lots of fun!

Nathan is also signed up for Sunday school, which starts in a couple of weeks. They are doing it a little differently this year, where the kids will be shuffled into three different rooms during the hour... craft time, music time and bible study/snack time.

Lastly, I mentioned earlier I am trying to spend a little more one on one time with Nathan. This week we are going to Family Night at the library and there is a movie at the playground coming up at his school later this month. Its nice that Nathan is finally getting old enough to where he can stay up a little later some nights... I must say though, around 8:30-9pm he is a walking zombie! lol!! He is usually in bed by 8pm most nights.
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