Curly Crafty Mom: Best Part of the Field Trip

Friday, September 24, 2010

Best Part of the Field Trip

Nathan went on his first field trip with his Preschool 4 class this past Wednesday to the Post Office. Jeremi and I were so nervous about this field trip, because we had to leave his car seat at school and then they assigned mothers of kids in the class to volunteer and drive 2-3 kids each. So, when I got home I asked Nathan how his field trip went, and how was the post office?

Well, you know what the highlight of the field trip was? Driving in a van for the first time... he said, "Mom, it had three rows of seats... A front row, a middle row and a back row! I sat in the back row! It was Nathan's Mom and a girl road with us too but I can't remember her name... but I do remember her hair color!"

Too funny! The Mom that drove him is the Mom that has a boy named Nathan, too! So, he kept talking about the van ride, but all he said about the post office was that there were A LOT of boxes! Silly boy!

And, guess what arrived in my mailbox a couple of days later? A letter from the field trip!

And, I opened it up and inside there was the sweetest letter from Nathan. :o)- Awwww! Thank you, Nathan!
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