Curly Crafty Mom: Family Night at the Library

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Family Night at the Library

The Moms Club I am in had a field trip scheduled at the library for the sand activity for family night. Nathan got to stay up a little bit past his bed time (which he loved) and we went and met up with two other moms. It was a lot of fun! They do a family night at the library every month... the theme this month was sand, next month its games... I may try and take Nathan to some of these when I have time. Especially the cookie decorating one that they have planned in the winter! Yum, yum! Here is the table they had set up with 3 crafts.

The first craft we worked on was layering different colors of sand into a small water bottle. Then, they gave each kid a small container with marbles, beads, tiny seashells, etc. Nathan LOVED the marbles, can you tell? When we got home, he asked me if he could open the bottle and put some of his marbles in it. Silly boy!

The second activity was a door hanger. We used a stencil and made a fish, and then covered the inside with glue. Then, Nathan got to shake different colors of sand on his fish.

Here is Nathan with his crafts. One of my favorites was they taped a piece of sand paper onto a white sheet of paper. Then, you take stencils that they gave you and traced a few shapes on the sand paper. Then, the kids got to color with sidewalk chalk on the rough sandpaper which mimicked concrete. SUCH a neat idea! The kids also got a snack and drink. Of course, Nathan had to have the Cheetos and a Capri Sun. What a nice free program for the library to offer their kids. :o)-

Nathan loves going out with me every so often a little past his bed time. I think I may take him rollerskating or bowling next... he told me he really wants to go rollerskating, so we may try that next. I am not sure if 4 is a good age to try that at, but I know the roller rink on Baptist Church road has a religious songs night and I may take him then because its not too crowded, and it only runs for an hour.
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