Curly Crafty Mom: Goal versus Mondo Beyondo

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Goal versus Mondo Beyondo

Goal: Running and completing 10k next month at the Halloween Fun 10k Run!

Mondo Beyondo: Running a Marathon

I am getting closer to next month's goal... I ran a little over 10k tonight on the treadmill. This is the most I have ever ran. I enjoy torturing myself every now and then ;o)- But, I did it.

I am enjoying my Mondo Beyondo class, last week we learned how goals are different from dreams. I won't go into details, because... well, I don't want to give away the class. :o)- But, WOW... some of the realizations and connections you make in Mondo Beyondo are amazing! And, I am only on week 2!

So, does anyone have any costume ideas for me for my 10k run? I am really drawing a blank on a fun costume that I could run (and sweat a lot) in... HMMM.
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