Curly Crafty Mom: Moms Club Halloween Party

Monday, October 18, 2010

Moms Club Halloween Party

Every year the Moms Club throws a Halloween Party, and we have gone almost every year, last year being the exception. Nathan and Autumn had a blast, and it was another excuse to dress them up in their Halloween costumes. Here is Nathan as a pumpkin.

Auttie as a pumpkin. And, might I mention... we are weaning her of the binky. We are taking it away from when she wakes up in the morning until lunch time. Next week, she will only get it for naps and bedtime. Poor girl!

They had this really neat game where the kids each grabbed a plastic spider ring out of a black kettle, then raced down the hallway and stuck the spider on fake cobwebs, then raced back. Then, they got to grab in the kettle and take out a spider ring to keep. It surprised me how well Autumn did scooting on the cart! I am in charge of the classroom parties this year at Nathan's school and I may just steal this idea!

Poor Auttie, Nathan beat her!

Autumn scooting down the hall

Autumn finally gets her spider on the web!

They also had ghost bowling

And, another game that involved pushing pumpkins with a broomstick

They also had some crafts... here is Jeremi and Auttie working on a brown bag hand puppet

Nathan coloring his sack monster. He is coloring with his left hand, silly boy! Because he said he can't color with a spider on his finger (he had the spider ring on his right hand)

What terrific crafts!

Autumn loved the tunnels they had set up

Grabbing a prize

On the way out... silly kids! What a fun party!
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