Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's first trip to the circus!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nathan's first trip to the circus!

Tonight I took Nathan to the Ringling Brothers circus, and it was a first trip to the circus for the both of us! I almost got to see the circus in high school at the old Busch Stadium but it was rained out. It was funny, when I parked the car in the lot, Nathan asked me if he was going to get to ride in a shopping cart. LOL! I said, "Uhh, no! You don't right in a shopping cart to go to the circus!" Here is a picture of one of the food stands in Scotttrade Center. Love the name!

The circus was a lot of fun... I loved the elephant act.

Nathan was covering his ears at first, because it was loud!

Here are the tigers. Notice the cage that they put up around them!! I wonder if thats new? I guess for safety reasons :o)-

Nathan sitting and watching the show. He actually got really tired during the second act. He started to fall asleep on me. I think next year if I take him to the circus, we will go to the Saturday morning show at 10:30pm. He is just not used to staying up so late! He really enjoyed the show, though!

Nathan's favorite part... he may have been tired near the end, but when they brought out the cage, and he saw seven YES seven motor bikes roll around inside it at once, he was quite an excited 4.5 year old! LOL! I must admit... it was pretty cool! Almost unreal. Crazy.

So, look at all of these flashy spinney toys! Yes, obnoxious and $20+ each! What parent could get their kid to walk past these stands without their kids noticing the flashing and spinning?

Yeah... yeah. Nathan got a sword. It has a little spinney ball in it that lights up on top of the handle. He better be nice to Sissy and Bratchey with it tomorrow, or its getting taken away! LOL!
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