Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Preschool 4 Class Photo

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nathan's Preschool 4 Class Photo

This year, we had to PREPAY for the class photos, before even seeing them! Yikes! Since last years crusty booger incident, I decided not to shell out more then $30 for the photos I wouldn't even see prior to purchasing. Of course, Nathan came home with bright red marker on his collar. He never gets marker on his collar, but he did the day of photos. Luckily, the red marker did not show up in the photo... and it did wash out! But, his hair is SO messy. I guess he is a boy, but really... I wish they would have combed it before shooting the photo. :) I guess I can't ask for perfection when it comes to a smelly and sweaty 4 year old boy, can I?

We also got a photo collage where Nathan's photo is in the middle, and his classmates photos are smaller and around him. Its neat to see the faces and names of all of the kids he goes to school with. Some of them I know because the Mother's pickup around the same time I do, others I don't.
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