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Monday, October 25, 2010

'Real' Letters

I recently signed up for a class called Mondo Beyondo, which is an online class about pursuing your dreams. It has been a wonderful self awareness class and I am currently in the Dream Lab session. One of the goals is to develop your own 'tribe' and as a result of this, one of the ladies on there decided to make a list of names and addresses of other dreamers that would like to have a pen pal by real mail! She didn't match us to anyone specifically, but the other day I received an envelope in the mail that said 'Dream Big' on the outside and inside there is 30 addresses.

I already know who I plan to send a letter to first... should be fun and add a little excitement in giving and receiving letters to fellow dreamers! Mondo Beyondo has always encouraged me to start writing poetry again and when I get some free time (ha-ha!) I am planning on starting an additional blog where I plan to start writing daily.

And, speaking of 'real' letters... At Nathan's school, I saw in the weekly newsletter that they were looking for 'Confirmation Friends'. What happens is they pair you with one of the 7th or 8th graders that are taking confirmation classes. You remain anonymous, but pray for them daily and send 3-4 letters of encouragement to them throughout the year. Then, once they have finished their confirmation class, you are invited to the confirmation banquet and you get to introduce yourself to them. I was so excited to receive my confirmation friend's info in the mail over the weekend. I was paired with a young man, and he goes to the public school but his sister is in 6th grade at Nathan's school/our church. I have his birthday and some other random information. I can't wait to send him some little gifts/letters throughout the year. If anyone has any ideas, that would be terrific... I do have some cute little notes I had written in my catechism from when I myself was in confirmation class. I also have my confirmation bible verse, a picture of the banner I made for church with the verse on it and the notes from the speech I did in front of church about this same bible verse. Anyway, I am excited about it! :)

Also, an update on the class party. Nathan's teacher finally sent me an email with her ideas, and it turns out that she has everything for the party planned, and I am just her party planning coordinator! LOL! So, I had to divide up the list of things needed between 5 Moms. She does like my game idea with the carts, so at least one part of the party will be my idea! Heehee!
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