Curly Crafty Mom: Room Mother for Nathan's Halloween Party

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Room Mother for Nathan's Halloween Party

October is always such a crazy busy month... Just this week we have Trunk or Treat on Friday, so we are developing a 'Spooky Train' theme for the back of my CRV. I am also in charge of the Halloween party at Nathan's school so I have been trying to get everything ready for that. His teacher is giving me a list of other Mom's that have signed up to help me out, so I need to figure out what I want them to bring.

I am so excited about planning Nathan's party. This is what I have planned so far, and I must admit I did steal some ideas from the Moms Club party we just went to and my friend Cammie always has fabulous ideas...

Treat: Halloween Popcorn Hands (these are plastic gloves that have a candy corn for each finger nail, then filled with popcorn and tied with ribbon.) Then, I am going to let the kids put plastic spider rings on them. However, I may decide to scrap this idea and just bring Funfetti cupcakes. I'm just not sure!

Drink: I'll have one of the other Mom's bring this... I am thinking punch?

Games: I am going to steal the games from the Halloween party we just went to. Where two kids sit and race on a flat cart to put a plastic spider ring on a spider web, then race back. And, also ghost bowling. I figure I can split the class in half and they can take turns with the games.

Craft: Cammie was suggesting getting black construction paper, tracing a ghost on it, then mixing glue and shave cream together and letting the kids hand paint their ghosts on the paper. Then stick googley eyes and black construction paper mouths on them. I know the teacher doesn't mind 'messy' activities because the kids have smocks and paint all the time. I may see what she thinks, though :)

If anyone has any cute snack, games, craft, etc. ideas let me know... seriously. I am just trying to figure out what to do. This is my first party, and I was put in charge as a room mother for all of the parties this year for his class so I don't want to fail on the first party!
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