Curly Crafty Mom: Autumn's 2 Year Old Well Visit

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Autumn's 2 Year Old Well Visit

I took Autumn in for her two year old well visit on the morning before her Dora birthday party, and she amazed me at how much braver she was at this visit versus her 18 month visit. She got to actually stand on the scale this time, and she smiled at the nurse and doctor. (Well, we did have a few tears over one shot that they gave her.) The doctor noticed an innocent heart murmur on Autumn, which means that he heard a distinct sound when listening to her heart, yet he said this is very common in 2-3 year olds and that her heart is fine. He said these noises are commonly heard in children because their hearts are commonly close to their chest wall. He said he will not check it again until she comes in for her 3 year old visit, and said not to worry... its just a sound not a hole or anything that would require an ultrasound on her heart. That made me feel a lot better, but I will admit I was nervous when he was examining her and he spent extra time listening to her heart.

Since we have taken the binky away (except naps and at night), Autumn's vocabulary has been increasing and she is talking more frequently. Also, her massive drooling has stopped, so the binky was to blame for that! (Thank goodness!)

He suggested taking her for her first dental visit sometime this year, I think I will wait until she is around 2.5 years old. I just do not think she would be crazy about a dentist visit just yet. :)

Autumn was only 8% for weight at her last visit, and is 16% at this visit, so the doctor was happy to see that she has gained some weight. She's still tall and thin, though!

Here are her stats:

Height: 35" (81.66%)
Weight: 24 lb (16.31%)
Head Circumference: 18.58 (42.42%)

Autumn is starting to tell us "No!" and "I can do it!" A LOT these days... She is even starting to use the potty on her own! She has told us to take her diaper off 3 times in the last week, and she sat on her potty and pee'ed right away. She always tells us, "I WENT POOOOOPY" even though its just pee. I am thinking I may start the serious potty training at 2.5, I think she will be ready... where, Nathan we didn't start till he was 3. Autumn is praticing her alphabet but has not quite mastered it yet, and she loves to color and try on Mommy and Daddy's shoes. She is also really big into her Little Mommy dolls and Nathan's wooden Thomas the Tank engines. She takes a three hour nap and sleeps from 7:30/8:00 pm until 7:00 am. What I am really enjoying is that Autumn is really starting to start some independent play, so she isn't hanging on my leg as much these days... Autumn loves to mimic everything her brother does, and she loves to grab the back of Nathan's shirt and they run around while she holds onto the back of his shirt. She is really at a cute age.
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