Curly Crafty Mom: Halloween

Monday, November 1, 2010


The morning of Halloween, Nathan woke up and said ITS HALLOWEEN! This is the first year he knew it was actually Halloween! Heheh. Of course, I had them in their Gymbo Halloween gymmies. So cute! I just wish little Miss Autumn would have smiled. It is SO hard to get both of them to cooperate in photos these days!

I put some goodies in their treat bags to give to them on Halloween morning. A flashlight, a Halloween Scholastic book, a pumpkin ring, Halloween gummies and they each got a toy.

Of course, I had to give Autumn a little lecture about not shining the flashlight directly into her eyes. ;o)-

We went to church for a special puppet show that they had during Sunday school, then I went to the RAMS game before it was time for dinner and trick or treating.

Here is a picture of the kids before going out to trick or treat. Not the best photo that I have ever taken, but they are both smiling which is a huge plus!

Autumn running down the porch to catch up to Big Bro. She really enjoyed trick or treating this year... so much, that she would NOT let me carry her treat bag. She was DRAGGING it behind her! LOL! It got to be pretty heavy.

LOL! These pictures of Nathan playing with his flashlights cracks me up.

Nathan's FAVORITE treat in his bag, a can of root beer. He had to have that FIRST thing once we got back home. Autumn loves plain M&M's and lollipops.
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